19 July 2009

Time to Close Up Shop

As part of my post from the other day, or rather in balance with it I am annouceing I am closing this blog completely.

Why? Well, honestly I am not able to be here enough to do the job, but more importantly because I need to concentrate on ways to earn a living. I have lost the enjoyment of this blog a very long time ago, probably when all the CBS stuff was going on. I must find a way to take care of my family, bills wait for no man.

It has been a blast and I will be starting my blog up for Sons of Anarchy in the next week which is another reason this blog must die a silent death.

For those few who still come, thank you for being here. I very much appreciate all your support.

Peace be with you all, may God Shine His face upon you and your loved one.

12 July 2009

Grrr..... late again!

I really meant to be here each day, but I am not so great at the multitasking thing. I am finding it increasingly hard to be here, on my other two blogs AND working.

How do you all do it?

So I missed Harper's Island Finale :-( and went to CBS.com to see it , but no such luck. Soooo, I have no idea who did what and I do not want to know I want to see it darn it.

But wait... it was just listed on Facebook!!! Be back soon with how I feel about it.

Who is watching with me? Be back in the morning :-)

06 July 2009

What is on TV Tonight - The Upcoming Fall Season

Well, we all know as we get older the days flow like raging waters towards the changing seasons , Fall will soon be upon us ( and thank the lord above, Fall can not arrive too soon in my opinion ) so I thought it would be a good idea to see what the Nets and Cable have in store for us. 
I would really love to get your ideas on what will be hot this season as well, the viewers are a more accurate litmus test for what will survive in my view.
On CBS ~ Premiers September 17th @ 8 pm
Survivor Samoa ....  alright now all you Jericho fans, get ready to drum me out of the anit reality tv club. After watching I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on NBC... I fell in love with the whole survive in a jungle idea. I have no clue if Survivor is even remotely like this, so I will give it a few episodes to see if it clicks for me. Just do not tell CBS I said that okay? Oh and get this, it's 19th Season!!! Got to be something there right?
 Also on CBS ~ NCIS Los Angeles ~ Premiers on September 22nd @ 9pm

I am SO going to watch this show religiously, one because of my family attachment to the US NAVY, but also because this finally seems to be a CIS show with a different slant. And the cast aint too shabby either. Oh and the geek toys look awesome, like the infamous touch screen tv.... too nice.

And last but by no means least... on CBS we have our beloved Alex O'Loughlin in Three Rivers. Done deal,  because it has the magic touch of Ms Carol Barbee. This show will also have personal meaning to my family as well.
Tomorrow I will discuss the line up on NBC and each night this week the other great shows coming up on the various nets and cable. It is time to ask for more hours in our day so we can keep up with all this great tv coming our way. Thank  God for DVR ;-p I have been asked if I will be starting a blog for any of the shows on CBS and actually I do think if I can swing the time that NCIS will be a great show for me to attach myself to. 
Remember to let me know what shows you are waiting on!

04 July 2009

Idependence Day 2009

Just love to show my love for country.... today is like Christmas for me and mine...so here are a few videos and photos, but First ~

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
     of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
     one Nation under God, indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

and my favorite way to end the night........ A Capitol Fourth 2007 edition.

The 1812 Overture ( with cannons :-p)


02 July 2009

Road to Happiness - Happy Fourth of July

230Y7192, originally uploaded by fksr.
Yes, I know a couple of days early on the Fourth business, but its one of the holidays I truly love. And this picture, wow! These are the captures one hopes for while carrying a camera. Being on a highway in California when the sun and sky are like this is truly a gift, as is Freedom. I want to make sure that all the servicemen and women who serve now and who have served our great nation in the past know how truly grateful I am for the gift they have given me.
We sit here on the computers and throw up a fit over a pop star dying ( and again, I am very sorry Micheal is gone ) but where are the same reactions to a solider giving his life for us? Independence Day is more than a day to gorge on BBQ or a time to play baseball and watch Fireworks, it is a day to recall that we here in the US have been enjoying freedoms beyond compare from the rest of the world. It is a day to reflect on the countless lives given to keep the Constitution alive, it is a day to say thank you in your hearts. How totally wondrous it is that we live in a land where we can scream and shout to the heavens our discontent without fearing some Militant group hitting us with sticks or shooting us in the heart? How beautiful it is that when we do not like what we are getting via government, we can VOTE ! These things aint free people, they have a cost a very very high cost. And that cost is being paid every day by your neighbors sons and daughters, by our children, parents, aunts and uncles.

Independence Day should be a reminder that you can not let down your guard about Freedoms, you have to be vigilant that they are not taken away from you. Remember.... 234 years ago a war was waging right here on our soil, and many great people took up the cause to make this the Land of the Free and the home of the brave. Be brave and please, on this awesome day of parties and BBQ's if you see a solider or a Veteran , go to them and say thank you.

Happy Independence Day, may this Nation see another 200 years of being the greatest Nation on the planet.

23 June 2009

When being a blogger is destructive.... or how to be the most vile blogger on earth * Perez Hilton *

Warning right up front.... this post is a bout Perez Hilton, a 'person' I have long felt should be removed from owning and or writing a blog or anything else on the net, if you are his fan or what ever...understand this is MY blog.

1. I learned today that FOX Teen Choice awards is supposedly placing Perez Hilton as a nominee for teen choice awards this year.

2. Perez Hilton has more than one million followers on Twitter and a page rank of 7/10 on Google. WHY?

3. Perez Hilton has a blog that at times ( many times) leaves lewd comments written on photographs of celebrities, even those who one could consider a young person. * see this page link if you dare -http://perezhilton.com/2008-06-23-only-dirty-in-bed * AND http://perezhilton.com/2008-01-03-the-whole-world-saw-my-girly-bits-now

He sat ( how, who???)on the Judges panel for the Miss America Contest and brought down a person who may or may not have deserved the crown not for anything she did wrong but for his own disgusting immoral ( not based on sexual preference mind you, but based on his behavior alone ). He writes the most disgusting things on photographs of young women AND gets away with it. He makes my stomach turn and yet.... he has millions of followers, please someone explain this to me.

I totally recognize the right to free speech unless it is harmful and mean to someone else. I could be the same type of dare I say it.... 'blogger' * OMG I threw up in my mouth just now!* as that POS Perez, I could have taken any number of photographs of his porky ass and thrown it on here, made some mean nasty comments on it ( as you do Perez to everyone else except Zac Efron ) and placed it here. I could have, I really could have. But that only adds to the stupidity.

I want to know what was going through the Miss American Pagents minds when they choose him? What is FOX thinking even considering him to be a nominee. And if I am too old to sign in at the website to even see who the nominees are, why is he fit material for children to read? Where are your heads at parents?? Have you even read his blog? Do you even understand that your children ( those born after 1970 anyway) are being desensitized by his dribble?

Perez Hilton today was seen on national news outlets, crying his peanut sized heart out because he "says" got smacked by Will I AM's Manager ( but in the video on TMZ, it is very unclear as to who punched him! Perez clearly calls Will I AM a f*ing f*ggot ( what?! ) and I am going to say it right now, the Gay Community should be calling for him to have his website brought down. He is a total moron.

Here is the link to the video on TMZ so you can see for yourselves just how stupid this all is -

22 June 2009

murphy meadow trail

murphy meadow trail, originally uploaded by Ilikethenight.

I would just adore walking on that path right now. I know I have been awol for a while, life got hectic for a bit but I am back until the next speedbump tries to take me out. :-)

Summer is here in full force and I do not like the humid weather here in the South east. Back in California it gets hot but not humid and at night if your near the coast you get these wonderful off shore breezes to cool things off. Even up in Sacramento, where it gets pretty blazing at times, at night it cools off so nicely. I recall the way the hay smelled so sweet at night up there.

I have been under some stress lately, stuff I can not change or do anything about. That is a awful place to be, you can do nothing to alter your own reality. Illness sucks, its mental and physical and emotionally trying for the person who has to shoulder all the responsibilities of life and kids and home.

We need more support here in this country, and I am all for a better health care system. Right now you have to be rich to get taken care of, if you are poor your loved ones are going to end up dying of their illness.

Yep, I am a person who gets scared really easy, and I try to run away and hide when ever things get scary like it is now. I want to be on this path instead of having to figure out how to deal with a situation I have no control over and frankly... I am just me, a person not a god or some genius -- I do NOT know what to do. :-(

I am not able to deal, to be the strong person... not anymore.

I will be here each day from now on and maybe even have a few posts about some TV I have been watching when I can.

Hugs to all my friends

10 June 2009

Hummingbirds - living Jewels

June 10th 2009

I really am not a huge fan of Summer time I am more of a fall and winter person. There are a few things that make summer bearable for me, flowers and the way the morning air smells and the birds. I adore birds and I love to feed them. One of my favorite birds to place food out for are the Hummingbirds. I have a pair that will be feeding at my hollyhocks early in the morning and if I forget they are out there they will come and hover in my face as if to tell me to stop  bothering them while they are eating! They are such beautiful birds, so colorful and exciting to watch. I also put up hummingbird feeders so that they have extra in case the heat builds up and the flowers wilt.

If you have a garden but have not noticed any of these flying gems, maybe you should consider getting a few hummingbird feeders . They make wonderful  gifts for gardeners in the family as well, and if you place one near a window you will have many hours of fun watching these acrobats preform their dance while feeding.You will be helping your garden as well as providing your self with the joy of seeing these beautiful birds because hummingbirds are also pollinators.

Jericho Comic coming in October

June 10th 2009

This is the news many of the Jericho fans have been waiting to hear :

Dear Fans of Jericho,

We here at Devil's Due Publishing would like to thank you for contacting us
about the upcoming Jericho series. Currently, we are getting ready for the
October release of Jericho #1, and we apologize for the late response. We
appreciate your support and your interest in the comics, and we will reply to
your individual inquiries soon.


Devil's Due Staff

I would like to thank Gwen of the Operation Phoenix group on Yahoo for this information which was passed along on the JEBS system to us on Tuesday.

Also in the JEBS sytsem message was the following from RedSox:

Operation Phoenix Update

Hello Fellow Rangers

Next week marks the final 29 week run of Jericho on the CW. I hope everyone has a chance to watch. Remember to do your feedback forms this week and next and drop Epix or CBS Paramount (now CBS Television Studios) a note or email.

I know everyone is campaigned and re-runed out but we have one episode left and hopefully enough people will let the folks at CW and CBS know they had a winner but let it get away.

We've just found out that the Jericho comic will be available in October. We are now looking at ways we can co-ordinate our efforts in getting the word out and getting sales of the comic book up as part of our collective goal of getting more Jericho made.

I am asking that we all try to find common ground to work together to help get the Jericho movie made. Ratkeeper has been putting together a yahoo email group, one of the main purposes of which is to make sure that we reach out to include all members of the Jericho Community whether it is Radio Free Jericho, IDMB or UHD Board, JKI, Guardians of Jericho, JNet or the many millions of fans not online or affiliated with any group.

We are planning an East Coast Ranger get together tentatively scheduled for August 2009 in Baltimore, hosted by BeeBull. The California Rangers are getting together for a picnic and a proposed summer get together involving Ratkeeper and others. Mpnice is hoping to have a get together for Ohio Rangers over the summer.

Enjoy the summer, check in on the UHD Board or the group community board you call home, spread the word about Jericho. Most importantly, enjoy the summer with your family and friends, that is the most important thing you can do.


So there is now a East Coast Ranger meet planned, which sounds great for those of us who live in the east.  And for many of us Baltimore is really close. Please contact either BeeBull or Redsox for more information on that.
I will keep up with any notices of events or projects concerning the comic to come off any of the boards as well as the JEBS system so that all who wish to help out will know who is doing what.

Happy Wednesday

abstract, originally uploaded by ginnerobot.

June 10th 2009


You know what... I have a terrible secret. I am watching reality tv and having a good time! I have been watching I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. And I love that they are all playing for Charities, makes it a worth while pastime.

Those Baldwin boys rock, Daniel is funny as hell, and Stephen well, he is the cutie of the bunch. I am very glad to see that Heidi and Spencer are gone gone gone. Those two bugged me no end, Heidi not as much as Spencer. He was pissing me off with the way he acted, that to me, was a fake Christian play he was putting on. Imagine going on a fast in the jungle when you are all ready pretty much fasting anyway! I do hope Heidi is doing better now tho.

Tonight we are going to see someone new joining the group and we get to see who was picked to be booted. I hope for all that it is Janice, if she spits one more time I will hurl I swear. My biggest pet peeve is spitting, and for crying out loud Janice act like a freaking lady and get off your ass and help out! So that is what I am watching tonight, what about you?

Today is a day for work, I have writing to do , and yuck... yard work as well. So far no storms that I know of and the temps are only in the low 70's so it is just the humidity I will be battling today. I have some lilies I need to move, even though I know it is a bit too early to I need to get them so they do not starve each other out. My peaches are doing really well, getting larger each day. I bet they will be ready to eat come the 4th of July. The plums are not doing as well and I fear I wont get a crop at all this year.

06 June 2009

Saturday , a day to relax

Or it should be right? Instead we spend our day runnign around like chickens with our heads cut off, doing the errands and sitting in traffic with drivers who have NO business being on the highway. For what it is worth, when merging onto the highway... MERGE already for crying outloud!

And NO... merging is not done at 45 miles an hour, on I/75 we do 75.

Okay end of how to drive lecture. Weather was really nice, lots of sun and a bit warm but hey it is summer after all so I can not complain can I?

I really wish we could be spending time on the Lake, the kids love to swim and boat. I miss our boat.

I finished another bracelet , in whites and pinks and silver. I like it very much and that is surprising as I am not a girly girl. I really would love to know what YOU all think though, so if you would not mind please let me know what you think of my beads, what I can ch ange or improve on. I would very much appreciate the constructive feedback.
As for TV tonight, Harper's  Island is on of course and I missed some of last weeks episode. I will catch up while I eat dinner and then watch the show and blog it aftewards.

05 June 2009

TGIF and other oddities

Hiking a trail in Big Sur, CA, originally uploaded by hkkid98.

Well, there is something to be said for Fridays after all :-)

I saw this photo and it fit what I was feeling today, and you all know how much I love home and miss it so its all good, but my feelings are not what they usually are when I see a photo of my Redwoods.

Today I am more reflective of some things going on inside of me. There is a lady who preaches on TV, Joyce Meyer and I love to listen to her when she has her meetings on TV. Not only for the Word but for the grounding effect she has on me. NO BS there at all, she cuts right to the thick of things and today after a few weeks of self imposed hell , she got to my icky parts. She does a bit that is a robot saying what about me, what about me, what about me. That is something we all as human beings naturally go through myself probably far more than others. And I wont feel guilty about it anymore, because I am an imperfect human being and if I were perfect I would not be here writing to anyone, right? Another point she is fond of making is many of us ( ME ) are going around the same mountain, time and time and time again, just as the Israelite's went on a journey that should have only taken 11 days and instead lasted for 40 years. I think God likes the number 40, as I at 46 seem to be on a never ending trip around the same mountain but I intend on getting over this trip. I am learning, slowly yes, but learning none the less each day.
I realize and always have intellectually that this whole thing called life is not about me, but have not been able to get out of the pity party I have been throwing myself for years until today when Joyce finally said for the millionth time in my hearing, " its about everyone else, God will take care of you!".

I want to be perfect, but will not attain that in this life, but if I remain strong in doing what I know God has asked me to do, if I remain strong in trying to attain the perfect goals of Jesus then I am doing good. I wont feel guilty anymore over what ever sins I have committed, real or imagined. I wont waste one more day not smiling or laughing or being kind and helpful and I will not hold grudges. I need to have forgiveness each day from God so what in the heck would I ever think to withhold it from anyone else?
Now that being said, I also will not be a doormat anymore. When Jesus said t urn the other cheek he did not say, stand still and wait for them to keep hitting you either. I will not be a victim any more and victims come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they call it being an enabler, what ever you all it I am not it anymore.

I have a life to live peoples :-) I hope today brings you all the love, joy and happiness you can possibly ask for, and don't forget to go find someone to say a kind word to, hug or just give friendship to.

04 June 2009

What is on TV Tonight - Season 3 Premier Burn Notice

Wow, thank god for Summer time, I  get to start catching up on shows I had no time for when they were originally on. For instance, Burn Notice... love it ! Its witty ( has a few of my fav actors) and so different from your normal cop type shows. Another show I really love when I am up at 4 am is Without a Trace.

So tonight is a brand new Burn Notice on USA and I will be watching it, tonight is the season 3 opener. I can not recall the last time ( besides Jericho and Dollhouse ) that I have been able to enjoy a premier of a show I am really into. I think USA, TBS and other channels on cable are getting it right. Burn Notice is @9 pm. And I will never ever not see my show because the cats are playing, how inspiring.

If you have kids ( or if you are a kid) check out Night at the Museum on FX it is really very funny. Show Time, 9m.

I have been busy today, trying to get my work out of the way so I can make a nice dinner and for once eat and enjoy it. It has been sort of rainy here but no storms which is nice. I think my peaches are showing some signs of distress with all this rain so I hope we will dry out now.
The kids are freaking beyond happy about school being out, although for the older kids we will still be working on science and math. Testing is coming up this fall for graduation.... study is the order of the day.

I also finished not one, not two but THREE sets of earrings and bracelets  with one more on the way. The one I am working on now is in pinks and creams with pink crystals and 6 mm Rose Quartz gemstones in the center. The gemstone is also called the Love Stone.... I am not so sure about that but it is working up really delicate and  pretty. 18 is a pink aholic and plans on stealing this one from me when I am done :-p

03 June 2009

Pacific Night Fog (in color)

Pacific Night Fog (in color), originally uploaded by MattGranz.

Wow, that fog looks so fantastic :-) I really really miss seeing that. So today was a good day, had a good deal of work to do that was for the very first time enjoyable! I have a new job, one that I am thrilled to have and really love doing already.

Our weather has been icky, storms all day and some severe. Kind of like some peoples moods today :-p but since I have been there more than a few hundred billion times myself I will over look that.

Did you know that Walmart central office controls the heat and air in each store across the country? I was shopping in our local store today for groceries and it was so bloody hot I almost passed out more than a few times. The home office needs to understand that when we get these storms here in Kentucky it becomes so humid, you could cut the air with a knife. That store needs more air flowing if it wants to keep customers in shopping longer.

I am pleased to report that my peaches and plums are still doing well. The storms have knocked alot off the trees but the crop will still be wonderful come the 4th of July. The Santa Rosa Plum is a fantastic tree to get, self pollinates in case you are thinking of getting a plum tree. The taste of the fruit is fantastic.

Well, I can not believe that I am still awake. I was up at 4 am for the second day in a row. I had hoped these types of sleepless nights would have been over with for me.

I will see you all tomorrow, hopefully with a good post on some TV stuff.

nite all

02 June 2009

What is on TV Tonight - Man vs Wild with Will Ferrell

Not a huge fan of Man vs Wild normally, but when ever I see Will Ferrell stretching out into the unknown I feel compelled to watch. 10 pm on Discovery Channel. I so can not wait for Land of the Lost to come out, watched the marathon last week and while the fun of it sort of wore off due to my being a staid adult who lost her funny bone it was cool to show it to my kids ( who by the way had a great time making fun of my cool stuff, and all I could say over and over was " but it was the 70's and that was tech at it's best!"

 AMC has both Ghostbusters on tonight, I loved Ghostbusters, not so sweet on II. I can not believe it has been 20 years for II, my word. I recall taking my kids to see it in the theaters and they had a great time. Time flies, fun being had or not.

This has to be a short post tonight due to Storms in the area, we are sure having a lot of storms it seems for this time of year.

Be well friends, until next we meet.

01 June 2009

Time to reflect...again

Well, today the person I was working for decided to really tell me what she thought of me because I did not want to do blog posts about seducing women. First, I am one, second.... past events make that topic really harmful to me, emotionally. Why in the world would any man want to seduce a woman? If you have to then you should not want her. Why don't men want to be in love anymore? Why is it all about sex? Well, I begged off the work and resigned and boy did I get one hell of an email back from her, and job POOF.

She said that I should want to do what ever I had to to take care of my kids, but here is the real rub. I have no CLUE how to write articles about seducing a women. How in the heck could I? And after the last time, I knew there was no use in trying to tell her that I was emotionally uncomfortable doing that ( not to mention , the link I was to refer to was just stupid and disgusting as heck) so I resigned as nicely as I could. I got back a mean letter that made me feel like more of a idiot that I did trying to write those posts. Ah well, I would say here.. back to the drawing board, but honestly I am tired of  going back to the drawing board. Where is the integrity in writing?

Where is the real work at? My mom keeps telling me companies are bringing jobs that are telecommute to the web all the time, what she fails to understand is these positions are still filled 90 percent of the time from within the company and even if they are not, I have no qualifications these places need. The entry level position no longer exists, even McDonalds wants you to have prior experience. Shame I spent 4 years in College and have that nifty 52,000 bill to the Gov... it is doing me NO good here where I am.

The state of Kentucky has nothing, I mean nothing at all. If you live in the mountains you may as well be living on the freaking moon. There are no social services beyond the norm, food stamps and the like. We do not even have a bus system here, it is pathetic.How do they expect any one to live here? To escape from here?

I do not take solace in this but  I know I am not the only person to be suffering this way. I wish for all who are like me to find peace. I am plumb out of ideas, plumb out of caring anymore.
I am pissed off, I am mad at myself for not seeing this coming, mad at myself for not being smarter and better and able to take care of this all. I am mad that I am not as good as the person who is able to over come. I really wish for a redo, is that possible?

28 May 2009

What is on TV Tonight ~

May 28th 2009

First, to let all you fans of Big Brother know ( in case you were some how not in the know, maybe in a coma or stuck on a desert island, oh wait that is you Lost fans, sorry) CBS has announced the Premier date for Big Brother 11 which will be on in my house since you managed to hook my kids and husband. I just hope that the people who play this season are not as insanely nuts as the last crowd. What amazes me is that you get to see up close and personal just how low a person can  go in order to win a  game. I guess unless I have been in that situation I will never know if I too would be that weak, sure hope not. That behavior is the biggest draw for this show too, as we all love to see human beings being well… human. Me, I hope I plan on spending my summers being a Hulu addict, where I can pick my shows to see.


The date by the way, is Thursday July 9th at 8 pm on CBS. At least this wont ruin the 4th for me. One request, change your advertisement on the TV, I hate hearing someone say we love to watch.

So tonight's viewing possibilities include So You Think You Can Dance, ummm no; and CSI and Without a Trace. I will try to catch Without A Trace as I do like that show, but other than that  I am once again NOT going to be in front of the tv watching anything on any network.


Cable has the following offerings – Sleepy Hollow on FlIX and FMC has Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swazye. Kung Fu Panda is on HBO2e, that is it from what I can see. Damn, Patrick is one fine man.


All those channels and nothing to watch.

27 May 2009

George Straight ~ ACM Artist of the Decade on CBS Tonight

May 27th 2009 Wednesday

I love George Straight, there is no other voice in Country music that even comes close to his... well okay, Alan Jackson and Randy Travis are a close second and third but George owns my heart. The first time I saw Pure Country I thought my heart would break from the romance of it all. Tonight George is being honored as ACM's Artist of the Decade and no one deserves it more.

The show was a total blast, it was fantastic to see who all was there as performers ( kudos to Jamii Foxx well done !! ) The highlight was actually getting to see George sing, he preformed Ocean Front Property and then had all the performers who had done his work on stage join him for Troubadour which was fitting.  I was so hoping that I would get to see him do Cross My Heart. That is in my humble opinion the single best country song of all time.

So here is a clip from the movie Pure Country, my favorite part. Now I am going to watch and cry my ever lovin eyes. Thank you George for the most romantic love songs ever, you are a peach of a man and I adore you.

24 May 2009

New Beaded Jewelry to show off

The bracelet above actually was a new step for me in technique as it was more a netting than a full bracelet in Herringbone stitch but I loved doing and have bronze and lime set coming up this week. I love doing the finer techniques because the end result makes me feel as if they are jewelery from the days of old.

And this bracelet below was a real inspiration from my muse, the colors of the Teal AB delica beads go so well with the gold and the gold cubes in the center just seem to bring out the color scheme.

I am so in love with all the amazing colors that the Delica beads come in, it is an endless variety.  If you love to work in Delica beads as well but can not afford the prices at retail stores I would love to share two places that I get them for a very reasonable price, Artbeads.com and StarryEyedBeads. What I am working on getting now is some of the books that teach the styles of stitches because finding easy to follow tutorials on the web is hard for me to do. I will sat AuntiesBeads, Karla Cam on Youtube is really great tho for learning how to do some of the various stitches.

You can see these and other pieces of my work at my bead blog ~ Sea Cliff Beads

23 May 2009

Okinawa Japan

May 23rd 2009

My second oldest son who is in the Navy just came stateside after being stationed in Yokosuka Japan. I was always jealous of him, jealous of the fact that there he was in the land of all that drove my muse. I had always since my Uncle was stationed in Japan while in the Navy wanted to visit the island. My Uncle had given me a beautiful Geisha Doll and ever since then I was in love with all things Japanese and still am to this day.

So imagine how excited I was when I learned the son Number 2 was actually going to live there! I kept thinking, he will go to all the Temples in Kyoto for me, he will climb Mt. Fuji, that he go to all the wonderful stores there and shop, and take photographs just his mother can see the real Japan of her dreams. Well, sadly for me, my son was kept far too busy by the Navy to do much wandering of the island but I found a great place to learn about Japan, Okinawa to be specific and I had no idea there was a website with so much information all about Japan and I had never really even thought about visiting Okinawa, Japan which is one of the southern most islands.

If you are planning a visit to Okinawa Japan or even just thinking about visiting Japan you really need to check out this website Okinawa Travel. Okinawa Travel has a really well thought out website, they have a video section, a beach guide, a section that explains the concept of the islands themselves, and if you are a Linkin Park fan, there is a section there about how they will be in Okinawa in August of this year!!! This is a great show from a great band in a most beautiful place.

And for those lucky few, who are thinking about moving to Japan, think seriously about Okinawa. The Okinawa Travel website has advertisements about rentals and such so it’s really a one stop website for all your travel plans.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, originally uploaded by Alberto Cueto.

You know, contrary to what some people think I do not blog for money. If that were so, I would in fact be rich as this blog has been alive since March of 2007. that would be a ton of moolah yes? Even at a few dollars a day that would equal a nice enough haul. I guess I can honestly say that last year this time I was making good enough money, but as I continued to write paid reviews on this blog Google continued to derank me bit by bit. I am sitting at a page rank of 2/10 last year in June I had a page rank of 4/10. And as my rank slowly declined so did the price per review from the companies I was with, now I average about 2.00 per review which is why you do not see them here anymore. They eat up real estate on the blog and if I am only to get $4.00 a day , it does not make much sense to lose yet more rank from Google. Let that be a warning to any of you who blog and are considering doing paid reviews from either Social Spark or PayPerPost. This is not meant as a refection on them, they have nothing to do with what Google does but as your rank slips they will lower your pay. It is hard to have been making decent money for a few months and then have it slip away. I think it would have been better to not have ever earned the money in the first place.

Like this photograph, I am standing still and I can not for the life of me see the future except that it is cloudy, bleak. I was working for a freelance group but when I was asked to do a bit of work that would have had me leaving comments in false names on blogs I asked to not to do this and was told I was picky and then any work I had to do this weekend was suddenly taken away. Seems like I manage to screw up stuff no matter what I do. I should have just gone and left the damn comments under false names, because morals do not pay the bills.

It is just that lately, I have had lies given to me daily and I guess I feel dirty enough.

19 May 2009

Those who live in St. Louis get access to Phatband connections from Charter Cable Co

May 19th 2009


Can you possibly imagine being able to access your internet at the believable speed of 60Mbps? Well if you live in St. Louis and you use Charter Cable, you now have their newest offering, the Ultra60 Mbps service.
Charter plans on rolling this out to other areas soon, but for now only those who are in St. Louis get to blaze along the info highway. The Ultra60 is part of Charters move to give the customer the fastest internet connections possible, which in this day and age is almost a necessity  for those of us who are on the net doing work each day. The Ultra package is also great for gamers and the movie enthusiasts . this speed lets you the user multitask on a grand scale. I love the name that Charter has given this service, Phatband. These speeds make DSL look like it is standing still,comparable to what being on the net with your landline phone modem was when Broadband became widespread.

If you live in St. Louis Missouri and want to  partake of this awesome service , please check out the  Ultra60 Information Page that Charter Communications has available for all the latest information and updates.
 Another great way to keep up with all that Charter Communications is doing, is to get signed up to Charter’s Twitter Feed. I love the twitter feeds for the companies who have been savvy enough to join, this gives you an insiders view into the latest news without relying on communications via advertisements.

Three Rivers Picked up by CBS

Jason "RubberPoultry" Moore , our dear friend from Jericho's fan base and graphic artist extraordinaire has left word today concerning Carol Barbee, Jon Steinberg and Frank Military ~

Carol Barbee's pilot, Three Rivers has now gone to Series on CBS! I am really excited to hear this news and will be a fan watching each episode when it begins to air.

Also, Jon Stienberg's pilot Human Target has been picked up by Fox, nicely done Fox. Maybe this will be the fit they were looking for as a couple to Dollhouse?

RubberPoultry also mentioned that one of the Jericho writers, Frank Militray also has a pilot up for grabs called U. S. Attorney which Lennie James is in. No mention as of yet where this pilot stands, but we fans of Lennie very much hope to see it on the small screen and soon.

16 May 2009

Dollhouse Renewed for Second Season ~

According to the Live Feed, Fox made the surprise move to renew Dollhouse for a second season of 13, the back nine will come when they see where the show stands at the end of the 13. Fox was SUPER smart and added in the DVR viewings, online streaming and anticipated DVD sales! See what adding up the REAL numbers will get you?
Concerning DVR numbers The Live Feed states ~
But the show's DVR numbers are huge (averaging a 40% bump from live-plus-same-day to live-plus-7), online streaming is strong.

For you Dollhouse fans, the Live Feed article is a must read! And see this post at SeanPAune.com for more on the DVR numbers.

Of course, this is not official yet folks, that will come Monday.

Thank you Fox, as always you ROCK.

14 May 2009

Lost FInale Recap & Washington Post Happy Hour Video

First,last nights ratings according to Zap2it -

The first half of the "Lost" finale posted a 5.7/9 for ABC


Lost" held steady in its second hour at 5.6/9, 

I gotta know... is this a decline in people watching tv or are you ALL American Idol fans???? If AI is so popular why is it that Star Search went south so quickly? Gah, never mind.

Check out the Washington Posts video:

Washington post Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney hosted a Lost finale happy hour at the Reef in Adams Morgan, fans discussed their obsession with the show over themed cocktails.

and the piece they wrote in the Washington Post ~

13 May 2009

So, have you been logging your Beewell miles to support Breast Cancer Network of Strength ?

BeeWell Miles  is a great  program for you to use in order to obtain better health and support the Breast Cancer Network of Strength at the same time. So far I have been so fortunate to have recruited a few folks to do this along with me and I am so grateful for my loving friends.

At Bumblebee foods, you can help the Breast Cancer Network of Strength and those who suffer from breast cancer by simply signing up at the website Beewellmiles.com, then committing to walking a certain mileage each few days or so, and logging the miles you do in the website. For every mile, Bumblebee Foods will donate $0.15 to the support network, this is so awesome. Doing this helps those who can no longer wait for a cure to come, they need our support today. And doing this helps you by getting you healthier.

I am going to tell that the single scariest thing in my life was when I had to go to the Doctors because I had a lump in one of my breasts. All  I thought about my kids, my future. I was so scared and upset but I did have support from my friends and that helped keep my sanity. I now wish to pay that forward and give some small measure of support to others in that same situation. No one should ever go through such a horrible time in their lives without support and love.


Lost Finale ~ GREAT!

I will do a formal post on the episode tomorrow, just had to jot down a few thoughts:

OMG I am so pissed, having to watch poor Sawyer watch Juliet go down that tunnel, thinking she died, not know of her heroic move.

Ben killing Jacob whom we just met really tonight, was Jacob BAD, GOOD?

I knew that it was John in that box tho, but who was the man in black talking to Jacob on the beach in the far past???? Am I to think we are speaking of God here????
That would mean that the man in black , the man who took over John Locke's person was Satan?

I cried tonight for Sawyer and Juliet, I wanted them together. I cried for Sayid as well, but if the bomb did what it was supposed to, everyone was back in LA or where ever they were supposed to be, right? Daniels mom being in the Future shows it did work, right?

Note to writers... you had better have figured out a way to make Sawyer and Juliet be together and damn it for ending it like that, five more minuets, one small preview.

great episode, really really love the show but I have to wait until freaking 2010 to see what happened?!!!

11 May 2009

Here we go again folks, ratings vs you the viewer

One thing that makes me angry about all this age demographic need for ratings crap the networks through at the TV viewer is that we the viewer are seemingly powerless to stop it. I wish I knew what percentage of the worlds population, heck the US population; is above 50. I am willing to bet that age group far outranks the 18-45 demo. And we the old farts who watch tv spend the money you advertisers are after !

Read this comment made by N2N2, it speaks sanity and sound practice into this circle jerk the networks have the viewer involved in: ( this is a response to my question of what practical things a viewer who is about to see their show disappear can do)

The only cure I see is that the networks convince the advertisers that there is a system by which they can quantify just who is watching their shows online; who is downloading it; who is watching it on DVR within X days and who is watching it at the appointed time; add those figures together and get ratings from all platforms. 

Nielsen Media needs to have a larger, more diverse viewing audience that have boxes - not just large metropolitan areas.  The demographic of 18-49 needs to be divided into 2 segments like 18-34 and 35-49.  OR they need to start counting info from cable/sat boxes of those people who agree to have the info sent along and who fill out the questionnaire so they know who you are and how old you are, etc. just like a Nielsen box. 

I recall from somewhere that Nielsen already had some plan for doing this, but it was shot down by privacy nuts.  Viewers have to get over the "privacy" problem of not wanting "big brother" monitoring what they do.  Nothing is private from anyone anyway and besides it would only be those that agree to it. 

Now how to make that all come together and convince the advertisers???  Damn if I know.  But I do know that unless it happens,
we will be left with total crap on TV - which will save me money actually and then the advertisers will have a big problem because no one will be seeing their ads anyway. 

IMO, the advertisers are fooling themselves if they really think that a TV ad brings in a multitude of buyers.  Really, do you watch a commercial and say "Damn!  I gotta get me some of dat!!"  and run out the door and buy it?  Who does?  We all go to the bathroom/kitchen/make a call/check email during commercials. 
Hear that nets? Will it sink in this time???? I want to believe at the end of the day you all really want to do what is right for the people you serve your content to, the TV Viewer.

Dollhouse Recap ~ Omega ( and TV ex's need ritalin)

Nice episode, answered some questions and made far more for this fan. So we now know who Alpha is, and some of what he was before he was made Alpha. He was a broken doll and broken even before he became a doll. He likes to cut and hurt and is now a doll who thinks he is a ascended being who happens to a few extra dollies living in his head. I wont ruin it for you if you have not watched yet but I will tell you I am really sad that this season is almost over.

The ratings for this episode were not great, we took 1.7/3 for the time slot against CBS's Flashpoint which had 5.5/10, NBC second with Dateline at  3.3/6. WHat no one gets is that the show was not on for a week. this is EXACTLY what killed Jericho.  We next see Dollhouse ~ Epitaph One on July 28th wtf? I see that Zap2it calls this episode the finale.Not the season finale either, again huh? I am thinking that FOX of all channels is calling it quits on Dollhouse and frankly that sucks. Let me be five for a second, its NOT FAIR.
You give chance upon chance to shows that should never have seen the light of day, and then becuase of ratings YET again, we seea  well written and UNIQUE show get the boot. Now, I am unable to find any noise that FOX has infact canceled and it may be some time before we do here but learn a lesson from the Jericho fans, we did not move fast enough BEFORE cancelation, lets get our asses in gear now and let FOX know in no uncertain terms that this show is our show and we want it on the air. And why are ratings even counted anymore? They serve no real purpose as was shown with Jericho and countless other great shows canceled. Once again money is the issue, period. Money can not buy great art, it purchases time for some suit to run around thinking he knows what we want. Do I sound pissed off? I am.  Netword upfronts are a week from today and Dollhouse is officially on the bubble and from what Tim Goodman states in his post at SFGate today, Fox is looking at seven comedies and five drama pilots, and the final move will be for Fox to decide whether to keep Bones or Dollhouse, however he mentions that they will need a "good scifi match" for Dollhouse.
And to make this even better, the fans are revolting again, this time they will be mailing action figures to Kevin Rilley at Fox. Please go to this page at Save the Dollhouse.com for all the timely info.

Here is the main thread at the Fox Wetpaint forum for Dollhouse  and the Twitter page as well as the website Active Dollhouse which may begin to have info as well, have not had time to get to into that site as of yet.

Fox is taking a good look at the seven comedy and five drama pilots it has in development before making what looks to be the two most difficult decisions here - "Bones" and "Dollhouse." The first has been a steady if unspectacular performer and the latter was a disappointment that showed signs of life late in the run. The question for Fox is whether it can find a sci-fi styled match for "Dollhouse" or not. Everything else looks dead.
Some reviews - TIME _ Dollhouse watch: Pleased to meet me
SF Gate - Television with Tim Goodman - FOX looks for laughs this fall

and here is the petition to save the dollhouse, after I signed it was at 993 signatures.... this better start climbing and fast. * I was told in the Jericho campaign that petitions did not matter, lets hope Fox has more intelligence and reads this *

Here is the Keep Dollhouse Alive Facebook Group and the Official Facebook for Dollhouse.

Here is the epsiode below, and enjoy

10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!

When ever I think of my Mother, I am always reminded of wonderful things. I was not able to appreciate my mother when I was a young person, and that was all my own fault ( dumb teen syndrome). But I will tell you this, if not for my mother I would not be who I am today.

My mom is special, she bakes, she knits, she provides comfort and a smack upside the head if needed. But those are not the only reasons she is special, she is special to me because she loves me and never once has let me go. Not when I was being a total alien of a child and not when I was close to coming undone. She brought me to God for which I will be eternally grateful and she is there calling me each day no matter what. I hope that everyone has a mom like mine, because with out our moms we are nothing.

Mom I know you  hate the idea of my going back to California, but this photograph of the fog in the trees gives me the same feeling of home that you have always given me.

Happy Mothers Day Momma, I love you and hope today is the most wonderful of days for you.

07 May 2009

Early Bloom

Early Bloom, originally uploaded by k3!thf0st3r.

I lost a kitten today, I mean lost it. Well, I did not lose it, it crawled away some time early this morning with its mother and siblings and poof, gone. I found the other two but one still remains gone. He is just about two months old, and I am freaking out. I spent the better part of the day working and going out to look for him. I checked the woods, across the street and nothing, he mom and brothers were with momma. I have no idea where he is and now it is night time and I am sitting here crying about where he is, is he safe and warm or hungry?

I hope that someone picked him up and is caring for him like we do to the animals that come to our house. I feel like such a shit.

My kids have been going nuts trying to find him all day, and now they are all so sad. Why wont he just show up?I honestly can not deal with one more thing, and he is so tiny just a baby.

:-( It has been a hard hard day. If you pray, please ask God to let me find him when I go out to look for him one more time after I post this.

05 May 2009

Dom Deluise~ exit stage left

 * Image from IGN - Interview with Dom Deluise *

If you are my age ( 46) you remember Dom Deluise from so many wonderful comedy films and TV shows. He was in Cannonball Run, Space Balls, Hot Stuff, The Muppet Movie ( yes, I am a freak for the Muppets) and one of my all time favorites shows from when I was young Please Don't Eat The Daises. If I were to list all he has worked in, it would be an all nighter for me. And now he is gone. He left this earth at age 75 today according to a representative for his son David.

As this happens, I get more and more sad. These were the greats of Stage and screen, the icons of my youth. I enjoyed his acting, his laughter, and his smile and will miss him greatly.

Here's to you Mr. Deluise, thank you for all the great laughs and memories. May we meet on the other side one day.

04 May 2009

What's up for TV this week? Thoughts on Chuck

First up, I want to talk a bit about The Reaper on the CW. Seems that the Hollywood Reporter is stating that the show has been dropped, however as of today, Zap2it.com reports the line up for NBC has been chosen and Chuck fans will be waiting for news on its status. Read also this report in the Hollywood Reporter

Does this mean, Chuck fans that you have time? Take it from one who knows, you ran out of workable time like yesterday. Do yourselves a favor, get organized now, AGREE on who will be doing what and then AGREE on what you will be doing and then DO IT NOW.

You can come here and leave any posts , messages etc that need to be spread out and I will make sure all the information is posted asap. I am just wishing that you did not have the fight of your life ahead of you, but you may well.

A good idea would be to talk to some of the Jericho fans ( and the Firefly fans) and ask them what they would do different, but TIME is not on your side, trust me. The Jericho fans made a huge impact with the NUTS and letter and phone call campaign. I would suggest that you ramp it up beyond letters.

I am not trying to be a downer and will help where I can but the thing is you have to do something huge and you better have the fans who have their butts in the seats in front of the TV because we will never get rid of the ratings system as it is now.

I wish you luck but be prepared, its a long long haul. NBC, do yourselves a favor, you have a show that is a fan favorite, those fans are valuable to you in so many ways. Do not repeat what CBS did, it leaves a sore taste in viewers mouths.

For daily information on Chuck and campaigns etc, please  go to http://community.livejournal.com/reaperdmv/37449.html

03 May 2009

The Sentinal of Trinidad Beach

Do you shop in Walmart? ( I know... who doesn't shop there) There is in most Wally worlds a section near the milk and eggs where you find the candles and such. Near that is usually a wall display with Music CD;s . For a few years those CD's were my addiction, and today when I found this photograph on Flickr, I was listening to my favorite CD Walmart has ever sold me, Reflections of Nature - Peace and Quiet. It is just lovely music set to various sounds of the beach. This CD has been soothing my soul now for going on 8 years, when I listen to it and close my eyes I can almost feel the sand, the wind.

Do I have a vivid imagination or what? Too bad I stink at creative writing, I could be an author.

What is on TV tonight?
I want to alert the fans fo Chuck on NBC to a similar fate in May that Jericho once faced, there is a twitter account for savechuck
( http://twitter.com/savechuck) and a petition as well. Yes.... and also the Reaper is in need of support I am told. I said I would never do this again, but I think maybe I would like the challenge, and this time I know h ow much stamina I actually will have to fight.

I will do some research and find out whats up with Chuck and post it later. I think its strange, the show is popular and has great story line and writing so what gives NBC? Is it a ratings thing again???

02 May 2009

Zap2it ~ 16 shows they hope make it TV next Season

May 2nd Saturday

Zap2it.com has a post up about the 16 shows they would like to see make it to tv in the coming season, that is 16 out of 70 mind  you. I choose the few I would watch for this post ~ my whys are in italics thier whys in red.

Eastwick' (ABC)Premise: Three women discover their supernatural powers around the same time that a mysterious stranger arrives in town. Based on John Updike's "The Witches of Eastwick."

Why we'd like to see it: Early buzz on the pilot is that it's quite good, and we're intrigued by the lead trio of Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price and Jaime Ray Newman. One question: Can Paul Gross ("Due South") play a devilish enough devil?

Why? Because I am a sucker for anything supernatural, I loved the movie and think this will work due to all the Charmed fans.

'Three Rivers' (CBS)Premise: A drama about surgeons, donors and patients at a regional transplant center in Pittsburgh.

Why we'd like to see it: Primarily, it's because "Moonlight's" Alex O'Loughlin stars, and we want to see if he has the same allure without being a vampire. The three different P.O.V.s for organ transplants is intriguing as well.

Why? Well Alex O’Loughlin of course, but only as a supportive fan of Moonlight, I am not one for Doc dramas. Who knows , maybe he will be the reason I begin to like them?

'The Fish Tank (CBS)Premise: A comedy about a teenager (Drake Bell) whose parents' jobs take them out of town frequently, leaving him alone at home.

Why we'd like to see it: The Nickelodeon star gets a chance to see if he can carry a sitcom and thus become a man. The addition of comedian Chris Elliott promises a degree of wackiness to the show.

Why? He was really funny on Drake and Josh, I have kids who watched religiously and I had to watch with them if I wanted in my living room. He is a very talented actor, so I want to see what he can do now.

'The Station' (FOX)Premise: In a small South American country, the CIA station works to keep the people it favors in power.

Why we'd like to see it: The Ben Stiller-directed comedy sounds like an all-or-nothing proposition: It could be great if it's handled right, or it could be a disaster. Either way, the idea is pretty intriguing.

Why? Ben Stiller, sort of .. Kind of wore on me, so I will give this a shot. it’s a comedy and I need all the laughs I can get.

'Human Target' (FOX)Premise: A drama based on the DC/Vertigo comic book about a security expert who takes on the identities of his clients to draw out potential threats.

Why we'd like to see it: So, yes, the comic book was the basis for a short-lived 1992 series that starred, of all people, Rick Springfield. But it's still an interesting premise, and with a cast that features Mark Valley, Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride, we think it's worthy of another shot.

Why? Love the Comic Book connections and also I have sentimental reasons for wanting this one to work out well.

Day One' (NBC)Premise: After a global catastrophe, a group of survivors (including Carly Pope, Xander Berkeley and Julie Gonzalo) tries to figure what happened and rebuild civilization.

Why we'd like to see it: It's the kind of high-concept, mystery-laden show that we tend to fall for -- and that has a rough time surviving on network television. It's probably a little masochistic, but we can't help ourselves.

Why? Okay every Jericho fan will want to shoot me in the face with a bazooka, but the entire reason I was drawn to Jericho at first was the premise of being left after a disaster, what would happen to the people? Well, I will be watching this one for the same reasons, who knows maybe NBC will do it right and let this one have a chance?

Good choices by Zap2it, this is why I am reading them more and more. I like the way they think.

01 May 2009

For those who did not get to attend the WHTJ event, you can still be part of the experince

 If you, like me did not get to attend this years Welcome  Home To Jericho Event in LA last week don't despair because you can still be a part of the event and even help support Operation  Homefront.

Over at the Welcome Home To Jericho Website there is a page that is for the merchandise associated with this years Event. Some of the items you can still order are the DVD which will include all the events that happened at the Sportsmens Lodge. The WHTJ team had a professional photographer there to film the entire event and this DVD will be the way you get to be there as well. The cost for the DVD is $14.00 and all the proceeds
The DVD will begin shipping about four weeks or so after the event,
Another really awesome way to be a part of the event is buy purchasing the Commemorative Journal. This journal will be printed on glossy book stock, filled with artwork and photos.

One last item I would love to show you that is really very dear to my heart ( not that I don't love all the other items, ;-p) is the backpack that you can purchase to be donated to a child of a military family. The backpack is filled with  school supplies and each backpack you purchase for donation will bear your name so the child will know who has sent it. Even though school is about to let out, this is the perfect time to buy these items because it gives us plenty of time to make sure we get as many of these backpacks as possible, we want every child who has a need to be able to have one.

All the items I have showcased here today are available along with ordering details on the page linked here at the Welcome Home to Jericho Website. I thank you for any who order the backpacks in advance.

Children should never have to feel scared or intimidated

 When I see my kids  going at each other it makes me feel so bad, I have raised them to be good to each other and to themselves. The job of parenting is never easy, but it is one we take on with all our hearts. We want to raise happy and healthy children.

I feel that the most important thing I can give my children is the knowledge that people are for our benefit not our amusement. Most of the time my kids are great to each other, but as is normal there are days when they have issues with each other. The one thing I will not put up with is bullying or intimidation towards anyone for any reason. I  grew up with that happening, and it did not do my self esteem any good at all. When one child is bullying another, there are underlying causes that must be identified and dealt with quickly, or they will carry these internal issues into adulthood. It is horrible for the child who is being bullied but also for the one doing the bullying.

As parents when we have issues that we know our children are dealing with, beyond talking to our parents what can we do to help the children out? Where can we go for good sound advice?  At Parents Connect, you will find many great topics to choose from for more information, and all of it comes from people who are parents! From Home Work help to child behavior camp you will find any thing you are looking for in the way of parenting help.

As promised, some more photos of the WHTJ event in LA

May 1st 2009

Disclaimer ~ All Photographs included in this post are property of Jericho4kids.com and may not be reproduced or used in any manner without express permission of the owner. If you wish to use them, please contact Jericho4kids.com for further information.

Well, I have a few more photographs for you to check out from the Welcome Home to Jericho Charity Event ~

Remember this?
That clock was so important in 9:02. One of the better episodes ( wait, they are all great :-p)

I have always loved this mural, it just seems so homey, so real. I miss seeing each week.

What a great crowd at the event! If you are in this photo, give me a shout so I can name you here ( If you wish to that is ) I bet the excitement was at an all time high that day!

One of the many items up for auction, Bonnies Sweater.

These next photos are dear to me because this was the reason we got our collective butts into gear for the event. Yes it was about meeting and having fun but this was the real reason:
I am SO proud of all my fellow Jericho Rangers, I just feel like busting each time I see these.

And last but not least ~
There is Loomer, one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Many thanks to Loomer and his wife for all the awesome help and work. Without you there would have been no event!!!

When you do a remodel, it is better to have an electricial do the wiring work for you

Otherwise you end up with a fried house ( unless you are very careful). Some cities have codes that require you to have the electric work done by a professional electrician, these codes are in place to keep you and future owners of your home safe.
I remember a friend of mine who thought the rewiring work would be easy to do themselves, and they were trying to save money. Well, that ended up a total disaster, and caused th em to end up spending twice as  much as they would have had they simply gotten a licensed electrician to do the project in the first place. Don't be that person who wants to save a few bucks and ends up like my friend, find a qualified electrician to do the work and it will be done correctly.

If you live in North Caroline and need and are looking for
Raleigh Electricians then look no further than Electric Solutions Unlimited. They are a third generation Electrical Contracting Company who has the right qaulificatoins and the right price for all your electrical needs. They do commercial and residential work at Electric Solutions Unlimited and since 2004 have built a clientel of hundreds of satisfied customers. What ever your electrical projects they will be able to give you a great deal with great workmanship.


stillness, originally uploaded by hkvam.

I woke up today not feeling much better than last night. It seemed like I was getting better, then by late afternoon it was back, the incredible headache, the pains in my arms ( weirdest thing is, this pain is in my forearm muscles and in m hip joints, those strange places) and now with a full days work ahead of me I sit here and wonder how I will get th rough the day sitting in this chair. I feel like someone has beaten my with a stick on my back.

I did an article yesterday about Reykjavik, Iceland and there is a place there called the Blue Lagoon which is a geothermal spa, how utterly fantastic this place looks. I would go there in a heartbeat if I could. Just thinking about sitting in that gorgeous blue hot sea water, soothing away these aches , wow.

I had no idea just how much there is to see and do in Iceland, its simply an amazing place. One day, I will visit and maybe I will stay long enough to let my peace level rise to normal levels.

I heard today that a Jericho fan * Susangator* had received a lovely answer back from Devils Due Publishing for a letter she had sent to them welcoming them to the Jericho family, that was really awesome of them to do, but as a partner in this we knew this company would be a great fit for us and Jericho, right?
I will be getting a few more photos today to place here, again with permission of the owner so you will get to see some of the activities that everyone was a part of while out there in LA, especially the Operation Home Front presentation of the money and such.

Keep your eyes peeled for those, I am off to get some tylenol and start my work.

:-p be well friends

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