19 September 2007

Jericho's Shaun OMac on Jericho and Jerichon

I was really happy to continue to get to know people from around Jericho, its the best part of all this - meeting and getting to know everyone who was a part of saving Jericho!

Today I am really happy to be able to bring you an interview I had with Shaun OMac of BlogTalkRadio Talking Jericho.

Thanks Shaun for taking the time to talk with me.
Interview With Shaun OMac - Blog Talk Radio

1. We have so enjoyed your weekly radio shows, will you be continuing
this during the break and into Season two?
Yes I will keep doing Talking JERICHO one day a week. And on Sundays my show is called Potluck Sundays we talk about everything..news, politics, pop culture and Jericho

2. What is it about Jericho that drew you into the show and do you think
season two will remain faithful to the original story lines already in
Seeing that Skeet Ulrich chose Jericho to come back to TV for was the big draw. I was not a huge Skeet Ulrich fan, I knew of his work on Miracles and then Into The West. He is the type of actor that loves the craft of acting and is not necessarily there for the paycheck or for top billing. Also the premise is the most unique premise in the history of television.

2. After the journey from May 16th up to September 14th, how did it feel
pulling into Oakley?
It all felt rather surreal..what am I doing in Oakley ? I kept saying. I am a huge fan of the show but not to the detail of many of the fans I talked to in Oakley..

3. Did you expect the towns reaction to Jericho and its Rangers?
No..Oakley treated us like royalty. A great town with great people..Everyone was very nice and welcoming to us. I hope in some small way that I helped Oakley get some attention.

4. What were the most memorable moments of Jerichon for you?
Meeting everyone that I had come to know in the fandom. And the town of Oakley is among the best memories of the weekend to me.

5. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for next years Jericon? What
would you like to see added to the events that were done this year?
Having it in June would help attendance as schools will be out and hopefully a cast member or a producer can show up

6. Anything you want to say to the folks of Oakley Kansas and the
Jericho Fans?
Thank you all for your friendship and making it possible for me to do my show from the middle of Jericho Field aka Blackjack Fairgrounds. I hope to come back there soon..Oakley IS a great town and I hope in some way, I have shined some media attention on your town.

To my fellow Jericho fans: we may not agree all the times on things, but we all agree on one thing, our love for Jericho..Lets drop all the tension and in fighting and focus on Jericho and Jericho alone..We all say things in the heat of what we are doing here or things get twisted or misquoted..thats life. Lets go into this autumn with the leaves falling and treat those leaves as the past and lets focus on the future of Jericho and this fandom.

We all saved Jericho..every single one of us did our part. This was a complete team effort..lets get back to that today.

7. You have been posting about the Postcards for Jericho and DVR effort,
can you tell us why you feel this is so important to Jericho Season 3
and beyond?
The DVR post is rather in a gray area in regards to if Nielsen is counting the DVR playbacks of just their members with DVRs or everyone with a DVR. But everyone DVR Jericho and if they count it great, if not, well you have the show on your DVR. The postcards, is a cheap way to letting CBS know your watching Jericho. Write your name, where your from, age, male and female also for all of those watching Jericho. Remember to put down those teenagers and college age viewers, the networks love to see that younger people are watching. CBS needs to hear from its viewers that they are watching Jericho.
International viewers have to be heard from too.
Send those postcards to CBS in LA.. ( my color change here ~;-)

8. Any major changes coming to your show that we can look forward to?
If its not broke dont fix it?? I would like to do more man on the street segments..for the news show..The Jericho show, I would like to get call ins from viewing parties..

Many Many thanks Shaun, for taking time to speak with me, I will be tuning it each week so I do not miss any of the fun!
If you want to check out Shaun's show, there are a widget to download his site at the top of this blog and also a player to the right so you can listen as you read here!


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