05 November 2007

Jericho ~ Cast Interview with Brad Beyer ~ Stanley Richmond

Today, I get to post a blog entry that is SO awesome for me, as I am a huge fan of Mr Beyer ( Stanley Richmond). I am so honored, and so excited to have been given the opportunity to speak with Brad.
I hope you enjoy it as well.

Mr. Brad Beyer, I would really like to thank you for doing this
interview with me! On behalf of Jericho fans everywhere, you are a much
loved character and actor! You have done a superb job of bringing
Stanley to life!

What was the greatest influence on your decision to become an actor?

My first year in college I took an acting class called Acting for Non Theater Majors. I knew acting was something I had to do after that class.
From Broadway to Films to TV Shows, you’ve done it all! Do you prefer
one to all the others?
I like doing everything. I guess that theater is the most challenging. If a theater opportunity comes along I jump at it because I like the challenge.
Is there a role that you hope to play in the future?
Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire.

I read that you and a couple of friends would spend time together
writing films, do you still write? If so, can we hope to see a Brad
Beyer Film some time in the future? What genre do you enjoy most?
My writing partner and I are trying to develop some comedies right now. We are going to try to jump in with that and start with comedy.
You were one of the first cast members to post to the boards and
throughout the campaign you were just great!You were awesome about
supporting and motivating the fans. Your (Bob & Richard too) N.U.T.S.
video was the greatest! At the time we really needed that! Where were
you when you first heard about the fan’s efforts to Save Jericho? What
was your first reaction and who did you call first?
I was home on my computer because my manager told me there was a buzz going on. I called my Dad and he was already into it too.
You have done an outstanding job of bringing Stanley Richmond to life!
Did you read for more than one role for Jericho?
No. Actually, I was in Europe shooting a movie when they were casting. I was offered the role of Stanley without an audition. Have you learned to “sign” while on the set of Jericho with Shoshanna?

I have picked up some of it. I have kind of learned it on-the-fly on the set. Some of it has stuck and some of it hasn't.

I know many see Stanley as the lighter side of Jericho’s storyline and
all that the world is going through, but I think that we have yet to see
a whole lot of Stanley's deeper person – will we ever get to see more of the serious Stanley?
You will definitely see a different side to Stanley this season. I can't give away too much!
Will we get to see more of his back story, and his past association with
No. Doesn't get covered. Not yet anyway.
Favorite scene or storyline from Season 1?
Tango Margaritas
Is there anything about you that would surprise the fans to find out,
such as a hobby or interest?
I am an old movie buff.
I understand that you are from Waukesha,Wisconsin! Beautiful country;
Door County is gorgeous! Do you get home to visit often?
As many times as possible. Usually around the holidays.
Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
I just returned from Paris. It was the most interesting place I have been. I would love to go back.
I notice you were active in athletics in both high school and college.
Were you playing your favorite sports?
In high school I played basketball, football and ran track. I would say football was my favorite.
Any interesting projects coming up that we Jericho fans should know
No. We just finished.
Is there one question that Interviewers have never asked you, that you
wish they would?
Q: What would you do if you weren't an actor. Answer: I was going to go NROTC and join the Marines.
And my final question:
What would you like to tell the fans now that you have the chance?
Thank you for all of the support. It means the world to all of the cast.
We just want to make the best show ever!

Once again, I would like to say how deeply honored I am to have been
able to do this interview with you, its been a absolute pleasure.
Thank you for all you have done and thanks for taking the time.


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