24 October 2007

Jericho ~ Cast Interview with Alicia Coppola ~ Mimi Clark

As some of you may know, my absolute favorite couple on Jericho is Stanley and Mimi, hands down this couple is so adorable and so full of love for each other. The quips, the real respect is so touching to me and so many fans.

Alicia Coppola
I am thrilled beyond belief to have had this awesome opportunity to have done this interview with Ms Coppola, I still can not believe it's real! I am deeply honored to have this memory.
I am so excited to know that my favorite couple of all time will be back soon in Season Two!


How did you begin your career in Acting?

I was in my sophomore year at NYU studying to be a lawyer and started modeling to help my parents pay for school and rent. I was sent on an audition for the Hostess of Remote Control on MTV and I got the part. I realized during that job that everything I was searching for in all my previous creative endeavors in high school and college, such as writing, piano, flute and dance, was finally satisfied. My cousin, who is a producer, introduced me to her agent who signed me and that began my acting career.

Was there someone who was your inspiration in becoming an actor?

My father was my inspiration. He had always dabbled in modeling and acting during my childhood. His greatest dream was to have a contract role on a Soap Opera. He was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was twelve and although he was able to continue acting and modeling a bit, he was never really able to achieve his dream. After I graduated from NYU, he died. A few months after his death, I booked the role of Lorna on Another World. I felt I was living my father's dream for him. I also feel that my father taught me how to persevere...how to go after what you want in life, as one only has one life. It is ok , no, it is wonderful and important to dream... I have always felt that an artists path is chosen for them: I wanted to be a lawyer, but my father obviously had different plans for me. As always, he knew what was best for me. I am very happy with my career. I think my father would be very proud...

I’ve read where one of your dream roles would be to portray Mary Magdalene or Mary, mother of Jesus. Why?

Both women possessed a quiet strength and conviction and yet to me, were and have become the ultimate paradigm of motherhood and femininity. I am attracted to not only the subject matter, as biblical subjects interest me, but also to the certainty of faith they must have possessed in the face of such trial and tribulation through out their lives. I am drawn to those types of roles where one's faith is tested...Where one must walk through fire so to speak to come out the other side having learned, having awakened, having changed...

Impressively, you’ve either starred, had a recurring role or guest starred in over 40 TV shows and 6 Films! How does Jericho compare to the others for you?

I did not know that! Wow! I certainly am privileged. I feel as if my career up until I got the role of "Mimi" on Jericho was very fine preparation. "Jericho," in every aspect, has been the most wonderful experience of my career. I am truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing company.

The Jericho team made a perfect decision in choosing you to portray Mimi Clark; Did you audition specifically for the role of Mimi Clark? If so, what made the role so attractive to you?

I auditioned for the role of Mary Bailey. I was then offered the role of Mimi and I thank Jon Turltletaub, Stephen Chbosky, Karim Zreik,Carole Barbee, Dan Shotz, CBS and virtually everyone who had a say in my hiring...I am thankful they looked hard into me and saw Mimi. They and the amazing writers have given me a huge gift in Mimi...

When you heard about the Nuts Campaign begun by the fans, what was your reaction? Did you think we were on the right road in doing what we did?

We do the show for you, our fans. You all campaigned beautifully and gracefully. You supported us and gave us much needed encouragement. I am proud of you and grateful to you all. I think you are all brilliant for doing what you did...you made television history.

During filming, what was your typical day like on the set of Jericho?

My typical day is just plain fun.
To say it is work is lying. I played every day and had an absolute blast doing so. I get to work with wonderful people, I am fed and can drink all the Coca Cola's I want....It's great!!!

Your chemistry with Brad Beyer ( Stanley Richmond) on Jericho is so amazingly real, are you two as close as you seem?

I adore my Brad. He is a lovely actor, a brilliant comic and a true gentleman. I am fortunate to work with him.

How is Mimi Clark similar to Alicia Coppola, how are you different?

She's much more adept with poultry.

What would you like to see happen with Mimi's character in the future seasons of Jericho?

I would like to see Mimi and Stanley living happily ever after, forever, with many Tangomargaritas in their future!

How has working on Jericho affected your life/your outlook on life?

Working on Jericho had given me so much, I don't even know where to begin. I love my job. I love the people I am lucky enough to work with. Playing Mimi has strengthened my faith...in myself, and because of how the characters of Jericho have come together... I think, in other's as well.

What is your most treasured memory of working on Jericho?

I love working at the Richmond Ranch. The days when I am up at 4am and drive to the Ranch and watch the sun rise over the mountains of Simi Valley are some of the prettiest sights and amazing moments. It is a moment during my day that all is peaceful and calm and right. I treasure that feeling.

One of my favorite movies in the last few years was National Treasure, I was thrilled to read that you will be in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Do you have an interest in History?

National Treasure is one of my favorite movies too! I have an avid interest in certain periods of history: WWII, Russian History, anything relating to the Bible to name just a few... The National Treasure: Book of Secret script fascinated me. I can't wait to see the final product!!!

And my final question -

What would you tell the fans about Promoting Jericho, any words of MimiWisdom for us?

I so appreciate your support...everything you have done for this great show "Jericho." Please keep working your magic...Watch the amazing episodes that are coming...Spread the word, write in, fax in, email everyone you know about "Jericho".....or.... remember what happened to the chicken?????


Once again, Ms. Coppola I would like to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for doing this interview. It means the world to me. Mimi is one of my most favorite characters on Jericho, and no one could ever play her but you. I will hold this interview close to my heart as a treasured memory.


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