26 October 2007

Dick Summers - the Raw Silk Voice

I want to step away from Jericho today for just a bit, and introduce you to the "sexy voice", the voice that could make you think it was sunny out when its really raining. That voice you may recall from the Binder and Binder Commercials, the one and only Dick Summer.
He is a disk jockey that folks my age ( born before 1992) might remember on air at such radio stations as WBZ in Boston, WNBC in New York, and WPIX in New York. There are a few other stations he was at as well, you can see the list here.

His voice is called "Raw Silk" and if you have heard him, I am sure you agree.

He also happens to be married to my Aunt Barbara Summer - neat huh?

The reason I am introducing you to him, is not that family connection, tho that is awesome to me, I am actually writing today about his very cool blog Dick Summer Connection.
Here is an expert from hi on of his latest posts-

It was just about this time last year that George W. Bush came to my door, begging for trick or treat candy. I gave him some, and in no time he was back for more. Just like in real life. It seems that most of the top Halloween masks these days are the faces of politicians…which I think is appropriate. Kids are pretending to be politicians, and politicians are acting like kids…who have nuclear bombs. Hard to think of anything much scarier than that. The kids knock it off after Halloween. Unfortunately, the politicians keep right on going.

I know a real live witch. A cigar smoking, truck driving, witchy woman. Man, what a woman. Her real name is Lisa, but her friends call her Olga. Olga the Witch … long black hair, voice like a purr with fur, and a long slow motion smile. I didn’t see Olga walk into the studio. I just looked up, and she was suddenly standing there in studio 2b at WNBC radio a lot of years ago. The idea that she just “appeared” was probably just my imagination. Maybe.

The 10PM to Midnight portion of my show was music, and Midnight to 2 AM was talk. And I always liked to have “ordinary” people who did extraordinary things as guests on the talk portion. So just before Halloween, I asked for mail from folks who figured they qualified, and Olga’s note said, “I’m a witch.” It was a slam dunk.

The lights at WNBC studios were New York Neon, and Olga purred something about how comfortable we’d be if I’d turn off the overheads and do our interview by the light of a candle she’d brought. If it weren’t for the Federal Disc Jockey Regulations, plus the fact that my crack NBC tech/accomplice Vic Lombardo was only one heavy breath away, and of course the certain knowledge that my lady Wonder Wench was listening, things could have gotten a little out of hand right there. Olga was fascinating. I mean in other ways too. She’s a follower of the ancient pagan religion called Wicca. It’s about love of nature, gentleness toward humans and animals, and very ancient legends about tall trees, shadow creatures, and the moon. No devil worship, no broomsticks, no haggle tooth hags. Olga is beautiful, smart, sensitive and loyal. I invited her back for several shows and eventually got to know her pretty well. As a matter of fact, she became a real friend to Wonder Wench, our son Mark and me.

If your looking for a great blog to read that has insightful, original and interesting posts, I highly suggest you check Dick Summer Connection out!


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