08 October 2007

Promoting Jericho....... it is up to us, lets get it started!

It's past time to talk to PROMOTION...... and I have tried, believe me I have tried.
So, taking off the gloves with everyone........and no one is being specifically targeted by this post, I love you all. I just need to get this off my chest and I need you all to help me.

We are past the time of promoting the DVD's and the show! This wont work with just the core fans who are and have been at promoting since day one. We need every one's involvement in any way possible!

We can sit here and debate whose job it is ( CBS or ours) at a later date, what is needed is for us to get out into our communities and do what we can do! Wear the shirts, take posters and fliers out and splash those babies everywhere ( and if you do jail time for sticking one to the Mayor's car, consider it an honor to take one for the cause - no........ just kidding.....sort of)

Okay, in all seriousness..... either we get out, you know in the world; and start doing something, or we will never see season three! It is viewers that will be the deciding factor.
All the other issues we face as a fan base, has to be left off on the back burner. We need to build the fan numbers and do so now.

We have to have a clear goal * getting season 3 and beyond* and we have to all agree with a plan of implementing this goal or else forget it. Egos..... leave em at the door people. Who cares who does what, as long as we do something!

Now today on the CBS boards we have some great ideas, lets review shall we?

1. Fliers - Those who have Computers and Printers, can grab free graphics on the Jerichorangers4ourtroops website here, and if you need help getting them together and have no one to ask- feel free to get a hold of me, I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. I have some programs to do the work on myself, if you would like to see some thing special from these graphics at this link, but do not wish to put it together yourself, let me know.
The fliers are all purpose, they can fit into any situation - going to the library with your kids, then ask if you can leave some fliers at the front desk. Going shopping at the mall? Ask if you can leave some at the welcome kiosk, the employment companies do it, why not us?
The possibilities of where a flier can work are endless!

2. Wear your Nuts tees -
Pick a day, and wear the tee at work, shopping, heck even to after school games and such! The more you wear it, the more chances of someone seeing it and asking you what it is about, right?

3. Check out the Next Steps Thread for Promoting Jericho
Connect with these fans here, see if there is an idea that you can do, and join the rest of the nutty rangers in promotion!

Now as I said in the beginning of this post, this is not a finger pointing post, because there are so many many fans who are doing this stuff to promote Jericho already, if I were to say names it would a post by itself, however.......... more people are spending time discussing what needs to be done, instead of doing it.

What an awesome thing it will be, if CBS comes to us and says how can we help you? But the fact of the matter is, they are a huge corporation that not only deals with Jericho, but other shows, movies and god knows what else. And we said we would do what it took! Remember back in June???
Its easy and painless to promote, just read the links or come on to the boards and ask for ideas, there are many folks who will gladly help you in any way they can!


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