10 October 2007

Jericho Promotion ~ a letter from a fellow Ranger

This letter and post are from a fellow fan, and I agreed to post it here today -

Dear Jericho On CBS Blog,
I have read your blog faithfully since shortly after Jericho began airing. I was a lurker on the CBS site for the entire season until I heard of the cancellation. I then worked very hard along with many others on the Save Jericho Campaign. I have something I want to say and an idea I’d like to share with Jericho Rangers and Fans alike. I have not been able to dedicate a great deal of time to Jericho for the past few months, and I hold myself just as accountable! Would you please be so kind as to post my document? I’d be very grateful. I’ve truly enjoyed reading your blog for over a year now. Thanks very much for your blog. I can clearly see the love of a fan for one of her favorite TV Shows! Best wishes for your continued success and may we see many more of your Jericho blogs!!

October 10, 2007 – 18 Weeks Later

A loyal and passionate community has clearly formed around the show. But that community needs to grow. It needs to grow on the CBS Television Network, as well as on the many digital platforms where we make the show available.
We will count on you to rally around the show, to recruit new viewers with the same grass-roots energy, intensity and volume you have displayed in recent weeks.
Nina Tassler, President CBS Entertainment, June 6, 2007

Here we are 18 weeks after this much awaited announcement and we need to motivate! What if Jericho returns in November? Have we risen to the challenge above? The last episode of Jericho received a 5.3/9 or approximately 6 million viewers, at least according to Nielsen. We know without a doubt that the Save Jericho Campaign proved this number to be FALSE. We can also safely say that approximately 5,000 people were involved in the Save Jericho Campaign, so at the time, there were over 5 million Jericho viewers who were unaware the show was even cancelled. Huge gap in numbers to say the least. Immediately after the success of the campaign, the activity on the boards dropped by at least 75% and it’s never returned. Recently threads with links to various chat logs have been posted. I was amazed to see that about every 10 lines of text there was a Guest inquiring as to why Jericho was NOT on the fall lineup. This issue goes straight to the heart of our success in promoting Jericho.

Jericho fans were given a challenge on behalf of CBS and now is the time to rise to the challenge. Step away from your keyboards and out your front door! We MUST reach the general public; those who do not visit forum boards, either because they are unaware they exist or they are uninterested in forum boards and internet chat to begin with.

I challenge each and every one of you to ask yourself, as a Jericho Fan, how do you want the history books to be written? We can sit around and blame CBS, or blame and defame others, or we can be productive do something about it. We were issued a direct challenge. Have we been successful? What if CBS was not relying solely on Nielsen Ratings? Nobody knows the answer to this. Nobody. You can choose to sit around and think you don’t count unless you’re a Nielsen family and do nothing, OR you can believe anything is possible, and do something productive to promote the show we all worked so hard to save. I, for one, do not want the history books to reflect the demise of the Jericho Fandom that imploded on itself. Either way, reporters and bloggers will write about it…it’s up to Jericho Rangers WHAT they are writing about. What kind of press do YOU want to see?

Surely you must realize that the cast, producers and crew read the message boards. We saw for a fact they did during the campaign. Why would they stop? Even the busiest of people find a moment every few days to wander the internet for items of interest to them. Are we proud of what has been posted? I highly recommend reading TWICE what you’ve just typed to post to a thread or blog (author or comments) and ask yourself…is what I’m about to post positive? Is what I’m about to post productive in promoting Jericho? Would I be proud to have (insert favorite character’s/producer’s name here) read this? THINK BEFORE YOU POST OR SEND THAT EMAIL!

Ask yourself what do we have to show for 18 Weeks worth of time that has passed. If Jericho returned tomorrow…have we done the job we were asked to do and can we rest easy with a job well done? Ask your heart this question and be honest with yourself on the answer you hear. Listen closely.

(With the assistance of some great people helping to provide their time creative materials!)


Wear your Jericho T-Shirt To Work Day! Casual Friday becomes JERICHO FRIDAY! (If you can wear t-shirts to work every day…wear one every chance you get!) Walking billboards!!!

Link to Café Press for Jericho T-Shirts & Promotional Items

Link to Nutsonline T-Shirts & Promotional Items

Jericho Yard Signs/Jericho Street Signs – Make one and stick it in your yard! Post one to the telephone pole on your corner…and the one on the next block…..

Jericho Garage/Yard Sales – Promote Jericho – Get rid of old junk at the same time! Have a garage sale..pass out flyers/cards to every single person who comes by! Donate proceeds to a Jericho Fan sponsored charity or your favorite charity on behalf of Jericho or keep all the money! Great way to get the word out!

Jericho signs in your car…………….Just ask Stephanie from TX about how much attention this can draw!

Email Jericho Sponsors Campaign - Thank every sponsor that advertised on Jericho – Nothing complicated here! Just a quick note of thanks from you, a Jericho fan, for advertising on Jericho, we are watching!


Call your local radio stations and dedicate a song to Jericho soon to be back on CBS – It doesn’t matter what song…any song..just DO IT and DO IT DAILY! Spread the love to all local popular stations!

Link to Regional Folders with Radio Information
And for more info:

Fall Festivals – Invade them with your flyers and cards! We are in prime time for fall festivals where large groups of people gather for fall festivities. No better place to wear your t-shirt, take a stack of flyers and a pile of business cards! Get the word out!

Search for what’s going on in YOUR area!

Google Search Return on Fall Festivals 2007

Google Search Return on Arts and Crafts Shows Fall 2007

National Flyer Day – EVERY DAY IS FLYER DAY! We all have different schedules! When you have some free time get out there and post flyers and hand them out to complete strangers!

Link to d/l Flyers (here) (If there is no link here, please check back as we will have one for you soon!)

Business cards – JERICHORISES.COM print them out at home..give one to everybody you see/know. Keep them on you at all times!

Link to d/l business cards (here) (If there is no link here, please check back as we will have one for you soon!)

Postcards – Send them to CBS, Send them to Jericho Advertisers, Send them to friends and family!

Link to d/l postcards (here) (If there is no link here, please check back as we will have one for you soon!)

Jericho Graphics in your Email Signatures – Every day (If you can swing in business emails, go for it!) Make sure every email you send has one!!
* here is a link - http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z174/rubberpoultry/

Link to graphics for emails (here) (If there is no link here, please check back as we will have one for you soon!)

If you have the skills to develop a flyer and would love to share these for fan use, please send your flyer, business cards, postcards (black and white is probably most economical to print) and any graphics we can add to email signatures to MikesMom! She’s registered on every forum and you can email her easily!!! She has graciously consented to assisting us in compiling documents for everybody to use.


My thanks to Mimirocks7 for this post.


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