11 October 2007

Jericho - Todays posts on the CBS Boards and Blogs from round the net

Leading my finds today, is the post made at Jericho Junction - Will Work For Jericho, which has great posts of the past, mostly concerning promotion efforts. And here is the accompanying thread for this at CBS boards here. I like very much that this blogger gets back in time so to speak with the comments, its eye opening and helps get the fire going again!
Other posts I found at CBS to be of interest today:

Nuts for Jericho Halloween Treats -

Now this idea is so great, practically everyone in the country participates in some way for Halloween, either by giving out candy at the doors, or at local events, such as we have in my town. We get the kids together, along with the local businesses, police and emergency folks and the children all get to walk around Main Street having a blast collecting candy! Perfect opportunity to also hand out either candy with messages on them ( idea from Shaun's post at CBS, see link above) or hand out fliers with a Halloween Theme and the story of Jericho.

And Lisibee posted a great idea of using printable labels to print Jericho on, easy as 1-2-3 and your done, all you need to do then is attach to the candy!
And , I already have my candy and looked at the larger bars in the multi-bags, these stickers will fit perfect on the snack sized Snickers Bars!
And in keeping with this idea, Our amazing Artist in Residence RubberPoultry has made a wonderful graphic to be used on a flier or what have you, see this link for the thread on this idea.
And here is the link RubberPoultry posted for his graphic.
The instructions he gives for the download are as follows:
1.) Go to: http://rapidshare.com/files/61837223/HALLOWEEN_JERICHO_4x6.pdf
2.) Scroll down to "Free" on the right, and click it
3.) Enter the code as seen
4.) download and print as many copies as you'd like.
and on the thread that matches yesterday's blog post from Mimirocks7 -

GenPatton43 posted this additional idea which is again, something we can all do -

I had another idea for gaining some free ad space for the DVD. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?type=product&tab=7&id=1653176&skuId=8450295#headerCustomerReviews Many retailers allow customers to post reviews about a certain product. By posting a large number of reviews for an item, it will in turn "Push" the selected item higher in a view list or category list, top of the page so to speak. If you put it at the top of the page, the more eyes you will attract and in turn the more customers you will gain simply by having more eyes on it. This review that I wrote today on Best Buys website enabled me to tell a little about not only Jericho the show, but the website and the Nuts campaign as well. In short, its free ad space to promote everything surrounding Jericho and not just Jericho itself. I also wrote a review for Targets website as well. On both reviews, I was able to mention the CBS website. We should look into doing this for all of the Jericho DVD retailers. (BBUY, Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sams Club, etc.)
link to the above info on at the original thread on CBS forums here.

And in the thread of getting Jericho Voted in top 40 Shows of all time -
After voting just now, I peeked at the the place Jericho holds in the Top 40 list as of 6:49 pm, and see the following:
Firefly 435451
Xena: Warrior Princess 404639
Bonanza 342870
Gunsmoke 201389
Farscape 173384
Battlestar Galactica (2004) 157665
The X-Files 145015
La Femme Nikita 138268
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 134960
Lexx 123984
Combat! 115876
Stargate SG-1 112671
Roswell 111535
Angel 107863
Ponderosa 107679
Little House on the Prairie 105977
Laramie 104041
Trapper John, M.D. 92927
Babylon 5 90097
Star Trek: Voyager 84636
Jericho 78653
That puts us 21 from the top of the list, and right on the heels of Star Trek! We can do this , with votes made each hour! Link to vote is here.

And last but by no means least...... a post was made today about CBS Promotion efforts found of Jeff Bravermans Blog at Nuts Online -

Live Blog from the NutsOnline Ground Team (Link to NutsOnline Live Blog)

9:42 AM EDT Hey guys! Remember when CBS came here months ago with a camera and film crew to put together an Electronic Press Kit? I was told that it would be shown on Eye on American (American Airlines Inflight Television) and the "outernet," which consists of malls, doctors' offices, supermarkets, and the like. Well, I never really heard anything after that...Until Saturday night that is! I went to dinner with my sister, her husband, and believe it or not, my sister's first boyfriend, Seth! So, turns out Seth was getting his oil changed the other day and looked up at the TV screen and was in utter disbelief. There I was on the TV talking about our fight to save Jericho! Hehe.

------ ^ Monday, 10/8 ^ -----
All in all, its been a nice productive day on the boards, with tons of great ideas and awesome participation by all....... wonderful day to be a Jericho Fan!


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