20 May 2007

Ohh...to be a fly on the walls of CBS come Tuesday

Greetings to all my new readers, I am glad to see your coming, and don't forget to go to all the other blogs listed, right now, this is not about whose blog is bigger, its all about saving Jericho!

I am in an especially evil yet gleeful mood, come Tuesday all those NUTS will begin arriving along with thousands of letters sent by all of the dedicated fans from around the world.

I have read posts on the forum from folks in the US ARMY, from Australia, Singapore and England. I have had visitors here from Germany, Italy, Australia, and even most interesting from Washington DC! That means the word is getting out folks

The search term "save jericho" on google now registers Results 1 - 10 of about 35,300 for "Save Jericho". (0.06 seconds) !!!!

You know I don't recall many stories hitting google so hard like that, the Anna stories not being counted here.

The petition at 7:25 pm now sits at 57,226 signatures AWESOME!! For sure we will see 60,000 by tomorrow.
I only wish I could find the total of names that were involved with some of the other well known fights for TV shows to be brought back.

I am happily thinking about how Ms Tassler's stupid comments that are now being made public record from 2006 are going to go down with the CBS Powers that be on Tuesday as well. Can you imagine how she will explain herself, because no matter what, CBS has gotten some bad press over this now, and it has to be making folks wonder about us in HQ.

She showed such disdain for the fans, and I hold her personally responsible for this whole thing, as her comments are evidence of a lack of understanding and a lack of respect for the viewer, the show, the crews and the actors.

I think there are a ton of talented people on the forums alone who could handle her job, and make it produce far better results for CBS.


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