20 May 2007

Save Jericho - more news from the front

Seems we are getting a bit more attention, on google under the search term "save jericho", the returns now sit at

Results 1 - 10 of about 32,000 for "Save Jericho". (0.06 seconds)

That my friends is up from 29,200 at just after midnight last night!
And here is a link to a report at Screenrant.com speaking about Jericho:

So instead of addressing the problem with the way they broadcast the shows, they blame viewers and move onto the next load of crapola to send our way. The replacement show for Jericho is Kid Nation:

"A reality-based series in which 40 kids will have 40 days to build a new world — in a ghost town that died in the 19th Century. These kids, ages 8-15, will spend more than a month without their parents or modern comforts in Bonanza City, N.M., attempting to do what their forefathers could not — build a town that works."

I'll be sure to tune into that... NOT.

It turns out the only show I even watched on CBS was Jericho. Now that that's gone, I won't be tuning into anything else on that network. I was actually thinking of checking out their new Aardman Animation-created show Creature Comforts, but now I won't just as a matter of principle.

If you're reading this execs, get a clue as to why people won't tune into shows that require a commitment in the future: If viewers think you might just pull the plug in the middle of an ongoing and compelling storyline, people won't tune in in the first place.

Who needs that aggravation? I sure don't.

Thanks for nothing.

Seems that as more people begin to hear about Jericho being canceled and our fight over at the forums, blogs and websites that word is getting out on what a colossal mistake this is for CBS.

I think "someone" needs to lose her job, if anyone is asking me.

In other places -

Last night on the forum, someone was kind enough to post a link to a report done in 2006 on Media Villiage.com, and it is amazing how similar the comments made in this report are to the comments made by Ms Tassler to the forums in the Official CBS comment to the fans, read on and see what I mean :

Tassler was responding to a question about the wave of new serialized dramas coming this fall on every network. They include Jericho on CBS, Kidnapped on NBC, Vanished on Fox, Runaways on The CW and The Nine and Six Degrees on ABC. Her comment seemed to rock the room, if only because the message from CBS imparted by executives in TCA press conferences during the last few years has been that viewers seem to prefer closed-ended series such as CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, NCIS and Ghost Whisperer over serialized shows.

Critics weren't buying Tassler's surprise assertion that format doesn't matter. "You're saying that the people who watched Fox' Reunion last fall didn't care that they never found out who the murderer was, that it was not important to them?" one ruffled TCA member asked.

"I'm sure it was important to them, but the show unfortunately didn't continue," Tassler replied. "That show would still be on the air if the audience was there."

You could hear it around the room - the sound of critics quietly stammering, "but, but, but …"

And then one critic commented, "It wasn't so long ago that you guys were saying the reason why all the CSIs were so successful was the fact that people knew they were going to get a payoff at the end of the hour."

"That's CSI," Tassler noted. "That's not Jericho."

Heads were spinning, but Tassler continued to back up her argument.

"When writers come in and pitch a show, really, they are telling you a story," she explained. "At that point, you're discussing how the show is going to play out. And they say, 'This is a serialized show.' It's about the writer, the writer's vision. How does he best feel the story is serviced? It is really, first and foremost, 'What is the story you're telling and what best facilitates communicating that story to the audience? That's it!"

The greater issue, one critic accurately declared, is that while a number of serialized series in recent years have failed - including Fox' John Doe and Reunion, NBC's Surface and Heist, ABC's Invasion and CBS' Threshold - there were a number of people who loved those individual shows, even if their numbers weren't strong enough to keep them on the air. "To put it succinctly, you're pissing off people, like two or three million at a time," by canceling such shows without providing narrative closure, the critic said. Can you continue to do that, he wondered, and not ultimately alienate so many fans of serialized shows that "it really hurts you"?

"That's a very legitimate question," Tassler admitted. "No programmer wants to piss off their audience. When that happens it's unfortunate. [With] the many different changes that are happening in multi-platform there may be opportunities to provide resolution for audiences in other platforms on shows that don't continue on broadcast. I completely respect the question, and we respect our audience. When you build that kind of loyalty and you have an audience with legitimate questions about resolution it behooves us to find a way to provide those answers."

What I noticed right off was the exact comments made by Tassler in this report as she has made this year for Jericho. As a matter of fact, I think she may have read this the night before, and like the unoriginal shows on CBS ( with the huge exception of Jericho of course) Ms Tassler;s comments are also rehash.

I think I am going to copy this and send it as a fax to Ms Tasslers Office, the office of Les Moonves and the Board of Directors come Monday, I think they all need to discuss Ms Tasslers lack of commitment to the company, the fans and her profession. To not even think of new comments, or is it that she is incapable of original thought?

There is new videos over at Youtube as well, which I will be linking to here in a bit. Tried to get the automatic linking to work, but none showed up here, so I will just have to keep hand embedding them, not a problem.

be back later Jericho Fans


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