19 May 2007

last update for the night

Well, its 10:47 pm and I am wiped out, not just from all this Jericho stuff, but from the fact that I am realizing that its so much more than a show being taken away from me ( us) I think alot of this has to do with having gotten attached to the cast of Jericho.

In our world today, there are too few shows where you get to feel that they were your family, your friends.
In the 80s and early 90s shows that you could get attached to were more numerous.

Today its all about reality, and frankly what their idea of reality is has nothing to do with mine. Nor do I want my reality to be what they show. Be on an island? Nope. Sing or dance my way to the stars? NO NO NO.

Listen to someone like Simon C tell me who I should or should not like as a singer? DEF NOT.

These shows do not make me feel happy to watch, they don't give me hope. They fill space.

I want to be engaged, entertained and most of all, I need to feel an attachment to the people.

Jake, Emily, Heather Mimi, Stanley, Johnston, and even Eric and Mary. These were people who to me were who I waited to see each week. Like family.

CBS you took something and made it important to me. And now y ou tell me I don't count anymore. I was good enough to be there for your show, and now like an addict I need my fix and have to go cold turkey .................
I am not a teenage, to be living in that glow of love over some star, like I was with Shaun Cassidy when I was 14.

What I am is a person who is so tired of constant struggles displayed in the news that never have a resolution, that look hopeless.

Jericho made me feel hope, and now thanks to CBS I may not ever feel that way again. At least not about any show on TV.

The petition stands at 53,431 at 10:54 pm

Is it silly to think this? Maybe. I wonder if God likes to hear prayers about Tv shows?

If he is okay with it, I will ask that he just move the hearts of those at CBS and make them bring it back.

See ya'll in the am.

God bless everyone.


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