20 May 2007

Now Nielsen Families are coming out in support of our Efforts to save Jericho

At the Jericho forums, a Nielsen Family has posted their television habits before and now after Jericho has been killed off and the family is NOT pleased. The post is inspiring to those of us who are fighting this war, because it shows us we are in fact effecting much more than we knew at first:

" I've been lurking, watching, waiting, but doing my part behind the scenes...

You see I (we) are a current Nielsen Family (set top meter) and will be for at least another 8 months, and I can honestly say that our family viewership of CBS (KMOV) here in St. Louis, has declined greatly, from I would say 12 - 15 hours a week down to 1 - 2 (can't get the wife to not watch Ghost Whisperer unfortunately) since you cancelled Jericho.

Which means that you have, from my protest alone, lost (from what I was told) 80,000 +/- Nielsen viewers. This will stop once Jericho is renewed."
The poster goes on to explain which shows had been being watched before the cancellation of Jericho and which ones will not be watched anymore by that household. My husband was not too happy to hear that we will be canceling Show time until this is resolved ( he loves Weeds) but I explained to him that this is war, and war is hell.

And before I end this, I had started thinking about how this is a war of sorts, and the WWII story line, and so went looking for some worthy quotes from WWII to use as inspiration -

"Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy (CBS) is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely"
General Dwight Eisenhower - 6th June 1944.

”In case opportunity for destruction of a major portion of the enemy fleet ( CBS ) is offered, or can be created, such destruction becomes the primary task.”
Admiral Chester Nimitz -

Oh this is fun, but I am off to do some posting about some other things, more if I can find them later.


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