11 May 2009

Dollhouse Recap ~ Omega ( and TV ex's need ritalin)

Nice episode, answered some questions and made far more for this fan. So we now know who Alpha is, and some of what he was before he was made Alpha. He was a broken doll and broken even before he became a doll. He likes to cut and hurt and is now a doll who thinks he is a ascended being who happens to a few extra dollies living in his head. I wont ruin it for you if you have not watched yet but I will tell you I am really sad that this season is almost over.

The ratings for this episode were not great, we took 1.7/3 for the time slot against CBS's Flashpoint which had 5.5/10, NBC second with Dateline at  3.3/6. WHat no one gets is that the show was not on for a week. this is EXACTLY what killed Jericho.  We next see Dollhouse ~ Epitaph One on July 28th wtf? I see that Zap2it calls this episode the finale.Not the season finale either, again huh? I am thinking that FOX of all channels is calling it quits on Dollhouse and frankly that sucks. Let me be five for a second, its NOT FAIR.
You give chance upon chance to shows that should never have seen the light of day, and then becuase of ratings YET again, we seea  well written and UNIQUE show get the boot. Now, I am unable to find any noise that FOX has infact canceled and it may be some time before we do here but learn a lesson from the Jericho fans, we did not move fast enough BEFORE cancelation, lets get our asses in gear now and let FOX know in no uncertain terms that this show is our show and we want it on the air. And why are ratings even counted anymore? They serve no real purpose as was shown with Jericho and countless other great shows canceled. Once again money is the issue, period. Money can not buy great art, it purchases time for some suit to run around thinking he knows what we want. Do I sound pissed off? I am.  Netword upfronts are a week from today and Dollhouse is officially on the bubble and from what Tim Goodman states in his post at SFGate today, Fox is looking at seven comedies and five drama pilots, and the final move will be for Fox to decide whether to keep Bones or Dollhouse, however he mentions that they will need a "good scifi match" for Dollhouse.
And to make this even better, the fans are revolting again, this time they will be mailing action figures to Kevin Rilley at Fox. Please go to this page at Save the Dollhouse.com for all the timely info.

Here is the main thread at the Fox Wetpaint forum for Dollhouse  and the Twitter page as well as the website Active Dollhouse which may begin to have info as well, have not had time to get to into that site as of yet.

Fox is taking a good look at the seven comedy and five drama pilots it has in development before making what looks to be the two most difficult decisions here - "Bones" and "Dollhouse." The first has been a steady if unspectacular performer and the latter was a disappointment that showed signs of life late in the run. The question for Fox is whether it can find a sci-fi styled match for "Dollhouse" or not. Everything else looks dead.
Some reviews - TIME _ Dollhouse watch: Pleased to meet me
SF Gate - Television with Tim Goodman - FOX looks for laughs this fall

and here is the petition to save the dollhouse, after I signed it was at 993 signatures.... this better start climbing and fast. * I was told in the Jericho campaign that petitions did not matter, lets hope Fox has more intelligence and reads this *

Here is the Keep Dollhouse Alive Facebook Group and the Official Facebook for Dollhouse.

Here is the epsiode below, and enjoy


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