11 May 2009

Here we go again folks, ratings vs you the viewer

One thing that makes me angry about all this age demographic need for ratings crap the networks through at the TV viewer is that we the viewer are seemingly powerless to stop it. I wish I knew what percentage of the worlds population, heck the US population; is above 50. I am willing to bet that age group far outranks the 18-45 demo. And we the old farts who watch tv spend the money you advertisers are after !

Read this comment made by N2N2, it speaks sanity and sound practice into this circle jerk the networks have the viewer involved in: ( this is a response to my question of what practical things a viewer who is about to see their show disappear can do)

The only cure I see is that the networks convince the advertisers that there is a system by which they can quantify just who is watching their shows online; who is downloading it; who is watching it on DVR within X days and who is watching it at the appointed time; add those figures together and get ratings from all platforms. 

Nielsen Media needs to have a larger, more diverse viewing audience that have boxes - not just large metropolitan areas.  The demographic of 18-49 needs to be divided into 2 segments like 18-34 and 35-49.  OR they need to start counting info from cable/sat boxes of those people who agree to have the info sent along and who fill out the questionnaire so they know who you are and how old you are, etc. just like a Nielsen box. 

I recall from somewhere that Nielsen already had some plan for doing this, but it was shot down by privacy nuts.  Viewers have to get over the "privacy" problem of not wanting "big brother" monitoring what they do.  Nothing is private from anyone anyway and besides it would only be those that agree to it. 

Now how to make that all come together and convince the advertisers???  Damn if I know.  But I do know that unless it happens,
we will be left with total crap on TV - which will save me money actually and then the advertisers will have a big problem because no one will be seeing their ads anyway. 

IMO, the advertisers are fooling themselves if they really think that a TV ad brings in a multitude of buyers.  Really, do you watch a commercial and say "Damn!  I gotta get me some of dat!!"  and run out the door and buy it?  Who does?  We all go to the bathroom/kitchen/make a call/check email during commercials. 
Hear that nets? Will it sink in this time???? I want to believe at the end of the day you all really want to do what is right for the people you serve your content to, the TV Viewer.


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