09 April 2009

Walk a few miles for your health and help Breast Cancer Network

Last year at the end of March I went to the Doctors, I had found a lump. I can tell you that I was more scared than I have ever been in my life, not just for myself but for my kids. I kept thinking that they would be alone, and that broke my heart. I happily was told after my mammogram that I did not have breast cancer and those words were like a joyful song in my heart. But then I began thinking about all those who came before me, who were sick with this disease. I hate cancer, have since my Nana died of this terrible disease back in the early 80s. I loved her so much, and have often thought that had she had the research available to us today she may have made it. She never got to see any of my children, her grandchildren. She never got to see me attend college or my other cousins and family members go through all of life's most beloved events.

There are many Nana's out in this wide world, each having loving families behind them. They need to have we who are healthy fight alongside them, provide support in any means possible. For some of us that means giving money to fund research , for others it means simply providing a shoulder. But there is one thing we all can do, we can walk!

From 4/1/09 to 10/31/09 Bumble Bee Foods is going to donate $0.15 for every mile logged at the website BeeWell Miles , to help the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. The Breast Cancer Network of Strength gives emotional support to those who have Breast cancer. I will tell you something, the emotional support I was given during my scare by my online friends, Letstalk
( hugs) Mikesmom ( hugs) Scoobud and so many others will forever be the main reason I did not go mad while waiting to find out, emotional support is everything in this fight. So lets give some of our strength to those who are fighting this disease, lets walk.

I decided that I can walk for those who need my support and for my health as well, I live in a rural area , and along with my kids and my new puppy I walked today for 3 miles! Let me tell you that is a lot for me lately but I hope that this incentive will encourage me to do more and more as time goes by! I will log my miles at BeeWellMiles.com and keep you updated on my progress.
Think of this, for every mile we walk we earn money that is so desperately needed, every three miles equals .45 a day, 3.15 a week, 12.60 a month, that means if I only do 3 miles a day I will have helped earn $ 88.00 for the time period Bumble Bee Foods is running this campaign! Cool.

Now, I am going to ask you all to join me in this , we can all walk, most of us are all on the Internet and we can log into this website once a day and log our miles. Together we can make one hell of a difference in the lives of those who have this disease and maybe even one day see the end of it once and for all.

I know my Nana would be proud of me , I know my kids and friends will support me, and I know I can do this! I can make a difference. And think of all the weight I will finally lose doing the BeeWell Miles , what a plus.



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