10 April 2009

Harper's Island...... a KILLER Show

Harper's Island ~ Episode 1

Now who in the heck saw poor Uncle Marty ( Harry Hamlin) getting it so darned early in the show? Maybe he should not have been threatening dear old Dad like he did huh? I am a huge fan of keeping good info close to your vest for future use, but Uncle Marty just blabbed and ended up being cut in half, YUCK! I was actually screaming like I was watching a horror movie and believe me I have seen the classics, like Friday the 13th ( which I once watched the first four installments all in a row out at the Century 21 Theaters next to the Winchester House in San Jose, great times ) and I still watch the original Halloween each Halloween night and every single time I jump when she gets in the car and wipes the fog off the window ;-p Oh and nice gruesome opening death of poor cousin Ben.

This show has tons of potential, I already know who I like and who I don't which is a clear indication I am already hooked. Maybe I should not say that too loud huh, in case the spirits of cancellation are listening? Oh wait, the show only has 13 episodes so ya can't take it away, ha!

I will make some predictions here based on my likes / dislikes ~

Those who should die because I simply do not like them

Chloe Carter
(played by Cameron Richardson) Why? Can you say Chloe you ignorant slut?

Shane Pierce ( played by Ben Cotton) - Why? He has to go because damn he is one sour puss of a person and he fights like a girl.

Cal Vandeusen ( played by Adam Campbell ) Why? Because one, he was in bubble bath by himself, and two because in one second he went from loved whelped pup to wanna be killer by almost drowning Chloe. Wuss #2

Hunter Jennings ( played by Victor Webster) Why? Because NO MAN should ever be that in tune with his own style nor that confident he is a player. And because he is a party pooper who is playing a game with daddy dearest.

Thomas Wellington ( played by Richard Burgi ) Why? Because a Dad is supposed to support and love his daughter not go out to wreck her life, and he is too smug. Like oily smug.

Okay that is the please die list, now for my likes ~

Abby Mills ( played by Elaine Cassidy ) Why? Because she seems lost but strong, good when your locked up on an island with a deranged killer, also because she drinks and plays pool and still acts like a lady who can smack the crap out of you with a pool stick if you piss her off.

Henry Dunn ( played by Christopher Gorham) Why? Because he is cute. Oh a better reason? Okay because he is the groom who just can't seem to understand his wife to be may be a bit unsure of what she wants in her man and that is a sucky place to be.

J.D Dunn ( played by Dean Chekvala ) Why? I love the color black, and since he is the proverbial black sheep he wins my heart right off. Also, he is deeper then we know right now and that anger or angst is not coming from a place of hatred but of sorrow.... well, I think anyway.

These are the characters I will watch closely. I am not going to give to much time to Jimmy Manse (played by C.J. Thomason) just yet... can't be too sure about his future.

One thing that really bothered me, Abbys Father. Why would he stay on the Island if his wife was killed so horribly there?
If you missed the show last night, you can catch the entire episode here at the CBS Harpers Island Website.
Yes, I do love this sho
w. Its going to be great fun to watch each week. I will try to check into the forum at CBS once or twice a week just to see what the banter.


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