12 April 2009

Harpers Globe…. interaction with fans at its best

edit - 6:55 pm

There is a twitter for Harpers Island, now I have no idea if its official but there are 65 followers so, we will see.

Easter Sunday

April 12th 2009

So today while the roast is cooking in the slow cooker I decided to go to Harpers Globe and watch the videos , and let me tell you when I saw the clown masks I was scared, really…. clowns make me cry for my mom.

So, in E1 we meet Robin Matthews who works as an archivist at Harpers Globe. She seems so nice. Then we meet Dangerous Wreck, and I don’t like him at all. The whole clown thing oh and the kidnapping too.

We see TWO attackers, one I assume is Dangerous Wreck but who is his accomplice?

E 2 -

Who is Brent? And why were those ladies SO mean about the flyers? I thought my town was uptight.

I am loving this companion series so much, its as if I am a Harpers Island resident. Had Jericho done this, who knows …. no crying over spilt milk.

And check this, Robin is on twitter, well she has a twitter tag, but no such luck. That should be real.

I think that Robin is really interesting as a character and needs to be swung over to Harpers Island, maybe we will get lucky?

Now… for Wakefield. Who, what, where, when and how?

That will be my next post, I think I am going to have to view all the HG episodes first, maybe a few times. Then maybe I can make an informed opinion as to what is up on that beautiful Island.

Another really awesome and fun thing on the HG site is that you can friend both island folk and site users. I am still trying to figure out who is who, but its like an information overload that leaves a bit of a hangover. But its okay I will get into the swing of things, this show has a bigger cast, and couple that with the site its just alot to take in.

And Karim Zreik has a blog ~ Harpers Island _ Notes of an Assassin

okay so how many days until Thursday?


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