30 November 2008

Ranger Rally tonight at the CW Board at 7:00pm

Ranger Rally tonight at the CW Board at 7:00pm

Announcement from JEBS ~ November 30th 2008:

Fellow Rangers today is the Big Day. Jericho Returns to Network Television to the CW for what we all hope is a 29 week run of Season 1 and 2 straight through the end of May 2009.

As I said in my original post in Operation Phoenix following the Ranger Meeting at UHD on November 20th, this is all about the numbers, Nielsen and Feedback letters and comments via the feedback forms.

Back on November 8th we started out to get Jericho back into the forefront as we were gearing up to launch the TV AD on UHD which begins tomorrow on UHD Network for a 4 week run. Thanks to Norsu we found out that CBS had put Season 1 out on Youtube.

We decided to include that as part of our marketing strategy to get people watching Jericho again in as many forums as possible including UHD and Youtube. We began our campaign of post to community, college, scifi Boards, social networks like Face Book and Myspace to try and get the word out that Jericho was not dead but was still a very viable show.

I had set some goals with regard to numbers, with getting 50,000 people to view Jericho on Youtube by December 14 and hitting 10,000 posts on the UHD Board by November 30. Both of these goals have been reached. Both are significant numbers as we are starting to see the grass roots movement pick up speed. Like a wave that starts out slowly and continues to build until it finally crests we want to see the numbers continue to climb each week during the 29 week run on the CW, on UHD and the UHD Board and on Youtube.

This is different than any Campaign we have undertaken before, Our Goals are simple, we need to get people to sit down and watch Jericho on the CW, right now we are focusing on getting the word out that the show is starting with the Pilot on November 30, 2008 on the CW at 7:00pm EST and will run hopefully

Once the show starts we need to send CBS and CW Feedback via the Feed back forms.

CW Feedback Form http://cwtv.com/feedback/comments

CBS Feedback Form http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

We are also sending our letters and cards to Nancy Tellem (CBS Paramount) and Bonnie Hammer (NBC Universal) each Monday and to Dawn Ostroff (CW) and D'Arcy Rudnay at Comcast each Thursday. The purpose is 2 fold, one make a business argument to continue the show and the second is to get our collective voices recorded and counted. We are dealing with finance and numbers people (bean counters) plain and simple.

I know that Dark Crystal and Rat Keeper have some ideas about doing better feedback letters so check out JNET and JKI. Important information to give is your age, gender, household size, profession what are your television viewing habits and your desire that CBS put Jericho back on the air with a movie and new episodes.

It has a been a long road and many have come and gone since March 2008, but with CBS putting the show on the CW we have a real chance to speak directly the Executives and Bean counters at CBS Paramount, NBC Universal, Comcast and other Networks that Jericho is a viable, money making commodity worth continuing.

Make no mistake about it all of our efforts have made a difference, the Bill Board and TV Ads have caught the Executives attention, or realistically Jericho would not be on UHD nor would the CW be putting back on the air. But it is the simple things that will win the day and take only a few minutes time.

Each Sunday complete the Feedback Form for CBS and The CW. Each Monday and Thursday send out your post cards or letters. Watch Jericho each week on the CW and UHD if you can and spread the word and help continue the Jericho wave to grow in strength until it crashes over the Seawall into the CBS Paramount Offices and results in their decision to continue the Jericho story.

Every body who has been a part of this community, no matter if they joined the UHD Board last week or have been here since 2006 has contributed. Although it was Dark and all seemed Lost there were a core of people who kept the torch going over the summer and into the Fall.

I for one am glad that I stuck around to see what is Happening. Jericho is on 2 Networks, THE CW and UHD (NBC Universal), our TV AD is playing on UHD for 4 weeks, New people are Discovering the show and old ones are reconnecting. Jericho Lives into the Spring of 2009.

How many reading this post would have said that 3 weeks ago? It sounds good to me. See you all at the Ranger Rally tonight at the CW Board at 7:00pm.



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