29 November 2008

How affective is blog advertising for sponsors?

I know many have noticed that I have been doing reviews here on the blog for the last few months, and I also know that there are many A list blogger's who frown on this practice , saying it waters down the content on the blog, the true intent of blogging is ruined. I say that this is so far from the truth it's not funny. Yes you will find some who set up blogs just to have reviews on them, however this is not going to be fruitful for them, nor will it last very long. You have to have a real blog full of real content and that blog MUST carry a decent Google Page rank to even be considered for a paid review company.

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For instance, I am quiet sure that as Jericho picks back up starting tomorrow *yea!!!* I will not be concentrating so much on reviews instead writing more on the show itself again. That was the original intent of this blog after all. But I will continue with these reviews as it is a good source of income for me and it gets a wide audience for those advertisers who use paid reviews as means of exposure.

What does blog advertising do for an advertiser? It gains them exposure to wider audiences that may not read the blogs that normally cover the advertisers content, for instance a Tech Company can come here and have a review done of a site or product and be guaranteed of gaining new readership. This is a way to get a new or unknown product to the masses in a fairly fast way, a chain reaction if you will. If the product or service you have is something the masses have been yearning for, look out! All you, the advertiser needs is one well written post made on one blog and it can then be linked to by a few hundred other blogger's, and bingo!

It is also great for those of us who are stay at home parents and happen to also blog, as it is a nice way to earn extra income. This is especially great during this rough economic patch we are dealing with. You can earn a nice sum, nothing like the thousands some Internet businesses claim but that is for another post. You can earn a few hundred dollars a month and who could not use that, right? Why leave money on the table, why not try blog advertising?

If you wish to learn more about either Advertising on blog's or becoming a blog reviewer yourself, please go to Paying Post.com and see what they and you can do together!


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