17 November 2008

little cove on the James River ~ and an update on the Jericho Front Porch Installment

As you can see I found another beautiful image to post here. This image is done as an HDR, the basics as I understand them are this, you take images at a few seconds apart in different apertures ( dark and light) and then layer them together to get this wonderful and some times moving effect. I love the product, each one is so vastly different from photographer to photographer.

Well, I was at CBS tonight for a fast look see to see what new items may be going up as threads etc.
The Porchlady has once again made it extremely easy for us to get our fannies in gear and pick a effort and start.

November Campaign in a Nutshell: "Make It Count"...thnx NorsU For further/new updated messages please check the end of the thread.tpl

Everything you might need to know in order to give Jericho a helping hand one more time (all explanations and threads on the posts below).

Letters to NBC(addresses below): Concentrate our approach! Letters go out on Monday and each Monday through December that the UHD ad will be running. We are concentrating on Bonnie Hammer and Nancy Tellum.

Why is sending letters URGENT right now? Timing is everything. We need to make a business argument with them. We are trying to plant a seed with Nancy that with so many shows tanking on their network and with 4th place standing, maybe it is time to take a chance on Jericho. Also, sending in your demographics and why it is worth savingJericho are important info.

Register and post on UHDtv ( info below): Register and post once a day on the Jericho message board on UHDtv. Your presence is noticed!

Share the information about the Utube episodes and UHDtv rewatch./message board with others (link below)**: Contact online communities, friends, family, other fans.**Updated list of places which have been contacted further down on thread.

Vote for Jericho! (all links from flowerlady further down the thread). A quote from our opponents on Buddy "Jericho never sleeps. That's what obsession, I mean dedication is all about."

NTN: Update below!

Watch Jericho on utube and comment (links on posts below)_: Updated Much improved utube playlist...thanks Nursvic; http://tinyurl.com/5duy9h Sorry for the confusion...this one is in order and includes the last two episodes.
Jericho Episode with the fewest views on utube (that needs the most help) will be posted regularly. Let’s bump by streaming and comment everywhere you can on utube! November 16...All episodes updated in post below:

UHD Board # of Posts 8,635-Goal is 10,000 by November 30

You tub* Jericho-Pilot- 5,173 Goal 15,000 hits by December 15

Jericho episodes Season 1-22, Season 2 –7 = Goal for Season 3-13

March 24-30 Nielsen-DVR adjuster number nearly 7 million (exclusive internet/I-tunes) compared to NBC’s Top Primetime Shows, October 20-26 it would place 8th ahead of Chuck and My Name is Earl.

Original Rally Cry to Rangers....before and during the UHDtv advertisement comes out...

From redsox to the Rangers

November 9, 2008

Hello Fellow Rangers

As I stated last week we are finally ready to launch the TV ad on UHD which will be running in the 8am-7 pm time slot on UHD (NBC’s Universal HD channel).

I know that many if not most of the folks have left the Board and only check in looking for news on the fate of the show one way or the other because they feel that some 8 months after the official cancellation with no official word from anyone associated with the show that things have come to conclusion. I understand and agree that things don’t look positive, especially with many moving on to other projects but all is not lost. The CBS Board is still standing, the sets are still together andJericho is playing on UHD and now on Utub*.

I strongly feel that we have one more real chance to get the folks at CBS/Paramount and NBC Universal’s attention. With the launch of the TV AD on NBC Universal’s UHD channel that will run into December we will be exposed to a National audience for the first time. We will have an opportunity to attract the attention of new people who have not had a chance to see the show before now and also to let those who were one of the millions of viewers for the first 2 seasons that there is still people interested in helping find the show a new home on another Network.

I am asking every Ranger New and Old to help out on this last campaign to give it one more chance to get the attention of NBC and Nancy at Paramount
**We need to get everyone registered on the UHD site** even if they just post to the welcome thread and then once a day log in for a few minutes.( UHD will keep jericho going on UHD and that is half the battle). http://boards.nbcuni.com/universalHD/index.php?showforum=29

from K6: If you are unable to register just going to the UHD board as a guest viewing the threads and clicking on the ads counts just as much as posting as UHD is tracking the number of visits.

**Post the following message on UHDtv, message boards, community boards, Facebook and other mainline/online media outlets in your area**.

Sample message 1 to copy/paste:

Hey there just wanted you to know that CBS has now put their hit show Jericho on Utub*, check out the show that the Network did not want to see continue but was watched by millions worldwide via net. It is alternative future story of what happens whenAmerica is attacked and the government crumbles. The people of the small town of Jericho must deal with the unthinkable, surviving a coordinated nuclear attack on 23 major cities. In today’s world this is not science fiction but a look at a real life possibility. Come checkout this great series that was too good for commercial television.

(remove* and replace with e in link) Youtub* playlist: http://tinyurl.com/5duy9h

If you want to check out the Jericho Community visit the CBS Community Board http://www.cbs.com/primetime/jericho/community/
Sample message 2 to copy/paste ...thanks Gwen!:

Just wanted all of you to know that CBS has put Jericho on You Tube. It’s the first CBS series to be released this way.

Jericho is an alternate future story of what happens when America is attacked and the government crumbles. The people of the small town of Jericho must deal with the unthinkable and find a way to survive. Jericho shows how people rise to the challenges around them, and in today’s world their story is inspiring. Come check out this great series that was too good for commercial television, but is watched by millions worldwide via the internet.

Youtub* playlist: http://tinyurl.com/5duy9h

You are also invited to come join the Jericho community at UniversalHD (UHD) which is currently airing Jericho: http://boards.nbcuni.com/universalHD/index.php?showforum=29

**** in the interests of space, I will continue this post tomorrow morning, let me know if you need any help or directions, I will send you to the right folks and please, go to JerichoRises.com and check out the PorchLadys Thread here @ http://jerichoboard.cbs.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?action=message&msg=28888&webtag=cbsmbjericho

Peace to you my friends


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