10 November 2008

The Jericho TV Ad on UHD finally to begin running but we need your help!

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I was alerted to a very important post made by
RedSox19861 at JerichoRises.com Jericho forums and wish to aid it's being passed on to all the fans , please read and if you feel as strongly as we all do about Jericho, please help us in this effort.

Thank you, kystorms

From: redsox19861

Date: Nov-9

November 9, 2008

Hello Fellow Rangers

As I stated last week we are finally ready to launch the TV ad on UHD which will be running in the 8am-7 pm time slot on UHD (NBC’s Universal HD channel).

I know that many if not most of the folks have left the Board and only check in looking for news on the fate of the show one way or the other because they feel that some 8 months after the official cancellation with no
official word from anyone associated with the show that things have come to conclusion. I understand
and agree that things don’t look positive, especially with many moving on to other projects but all is not lost.
The CBS Board is still standing, the sets are still together and Jericho is playing on UHD and now on Utub*.

I strongly feel that we have one more real chance to get the folks at CBS/Paramount and NBC Universal’s attention.
With the launch of the TV AD on NBC Universal’s UHD channel that will run into December we will be exposed to a National audience for the first time. We will have an opportunity to attract the attention of new people who have not had a chance to see the show before now and also to let those who were one of the millions of viewers for the first 2 seasons that there is still people interested in helping find the show a new home on another Network.

I am asking every Ranger New and Old to help out on this last campaign to give it one more chance to get the attention of NBC and Nancy at Paramount. Welcome is working on a press release that we will be sending out to television, newspapers and radio stations in conjunction with the launch of the commercial.

I have had a chance to get to know a lot of you over the past couple of years and am asking you to please
help me out with this simple campaign which will be in 2 steps.

Step 1: The simple message will have links to Utub* link which is now showing all episodes of Jericho, the CBS Board and to SJA website. Millions of people watched the show on the web and now that it is on Utub* we have a vast audience to reach. We are going to target, sci fi, college and other general bulletin boards with the small simple release saying check out this great show that the network and others did not want you to watch and then provide link to Utub* and link to CBS Board where they can check out the Jericho Community. I want to start this week so that we get as many people as possible to start watching episodes on Utub* in conjunction prior to the UHD press release/TV AD launch.

Step 2: will entail sending out press releases and then each one of us in mass sending one letter or post cards.
All I am asking is that each person write 1 letter or post card to Bonnie Hammer, Jeff Zucker and Nancy Tellem,
providing your city and state, general demographic information and your continued interest to have the show
picked up and continued for another season.

Step 1 message:

Hey there just wanted you to know that CBS has now put their hit show Jericho on Utub*, check out the show
that the Network and the government did not want to see continue but was watched by millions worldwide via net.
See how a small town in Mid-America deals with the unthinkable, surviving a coordinated nuclear attack on 23 major cities.
In today’s world this is not science fiction but a look at a real life possibility.
Come checkout this great series that was too good for commercial television.


If you want to check out the Jericho Community visit the CBS Community Board

We are looking to post the simple message on every cable free access bulleting boards we can find
and potentially on Hulu and Utub* itself.

I still believe we need to make a business argument that producing new episodes of Jericho is sound business investment.
In the letters I have been righting I have been going right after their return on investment, ie producing fewer episodes 13-15, showing it on multiple channels, UHD, SciFi USA then NBC and also on Hulu which affords them different revenue streams in addition to DVD sales and I-tunes sales.

Bonnie Hammer was strongly behind Battlestar Galactica and was responsible for getting the 3 part
miniseries launched to gage the interest level prior to committing to a full season. I think we can make
a case for them to invest in a 2 part miniseries or movie, that can close the arc on the civil war storyline
and gage interest still left for a Season 3 or close out the story and move on.

I know most do not want to see it go out with a straight to DVD movie and a comic book, lets give NBC and Paramount something to think about, especially in light of NBC’s shows including Hero’s not performing
well in the ratings.

I know with the economy, the holidays and life in general we have other things going on but I would I appreciate your help in this last campaign. Just asking you to write 3 simple letters, and posting to a few community bulletin Boards. No cost other than a few stamps a few minutes of your time.

Thanks to everyone in the Community


Ms. Bonnie Hammer

President NBC Universal Cable Television

NBC Universal Inc.,

30 Rockefeller Plaza,

New York, New York 10112


Jeff Zucker, President & CEO

NBC Universal Inc.,

30 Rockefeller Plaza,

New York, New York 10112


Ms. Nancy Tellem

CBS Paramount Network Television

4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Now, in case you have no idea what Jericho is about, please check the Pilot episode out by going to this link
( since we still can't embed videos ..grrrr) and I promise you will be hooked totally! This show has a perfect cast, a perfect writing crew and the most original story line.
Am I just the tiniest bit prejudiced, hell yes I am. And if your a die hard fan, go to the link and watch the pilot anyway, it will be like going home again.


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