25 October 2008

If you Buy A Domain Are You A 'Cyber Squatter" And Is That Bad?

It seems that someone was really pretty smart in buying up the domains JohnMcCain.com and SarahPalin.com but there is a wind of bad boy coming from this purchase. At the website SinglePill.com there is a post about how the man who bought JohnMcCain.com ( name of purchaser withheld as I do not wish to jump on him for being active in Free Enterprise and Speculation, as in Wall Street ) and now may in fact stand to lose this legally bought Domain Name.

According to Singlepill.com this man makes a habit of being smart enough to jump on and buy names before they are representing famous ideas or people. Smart I say, but apparently when you do that you can be brought before a Goon Squad called the WIPO ( The World Intellectual Property Organization). The man who bought or leased ( its not clear which and a search at WHOIS did not lead us to this man as the registrar of JohnMcCain.com ) SamWalton.com and was forced by the WIPO to relinquish his control over said domain.

Makes you wonder about the small guy who tries to hold on to his domain but is constantly stepped on by people who buy up the same domain in badly spelled varieties or even buys YOUR name and uses it or even worse, makes you buy it back if you want to use it. And for that matter, what about every person who has the last name of Smith? Who is the originally owner of Smith.com?

Seems to me that had John McCain been a touch more on the ball a decade ago he would have purchased his own name then, and I think the man who owns it now has every right to retain that holding. We will keep an eye on this case should it be taken further. And if your interested, some man in Alaska holds Sarah Palin Domain and will sell hits from it at a low price. Check the article at Singlepill.com for all the details.


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