18 February 2008

Jericho Ratings – The Hi Low trap -

This post is from NorsU a dedicated Ranger who has been nice enough to post here in efforts to help us all understand the ratings issue:

Jericho Ratings – The Hi Low trap

Jericho attracted 7 Million viewers for the premier on CBS Last Tuesday night. There was a thought that the 3rd place showing was a downer. But CBS responded that there were positive ratings in key demographics that offset that. What does this mean?

Neilson ratings do not reflect DVR and online activity immediately. Jericho based on last years trends and stats at Itunes, TIVO and Amazon are a big player on online viewership, downloads etc. CBS online has a big Jericho following as well as many watch on CBS Innertube to fit their schedules.

Saturday’s CBS rebroadcast brought another 3 million Jericho viewers to the table Saturday night. A high % probably were new viewers of the Season 2 premier of Reconstruction. Possibly 1.5 to 2.0 million new viewers to add to the Tuesday numbers.

Based on Jericho’s solid download stats to date its safe to say that when DVR viewers are added we will be looking at an additional 1.1 million viewers to the Nielsons. Itunes, Amazon, Xbox live could be another 1 Million plus views. Add on CBS Innertube as well comes into the mix. This all has spurred the Jericho DVD Season 1 sales recently up into top 100 on Amazon. This was probably spurred by Scifi and Universal HD rerunning Jericho Season 1 Recently and General Season 2 buzz.

Add it all up and the reason Jericho was really renewed is it’s HUGE online fanbase and loyal passionate fans.

Add this all up and we have 10-12 Million viewers who watched Jericho this week in some capacity and that’s not shabby!

Nuts to Neilson!


I welcome all input into this situation.


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