14 February 2008

Episode 1 - Reconstruction

Episode 1 - Reconstruction


Remember, we were up against the dreaded monster IDOL.... in my opinion, these numbers were great considering it was a night of election info and the weather was not great either in parts of the country.

CBS share for the night was 5.5/8 in second * great!!*
2.0 in the 18-49 demo, not great but we will do much better next Tuesday.
The 10 pm hour CBS did 4.2/7, I truly wish we were NOT on at 10 pm on a Tuesday, to my mind Friday night would be so much better, but we will be fine in this slot.

My rating info is from Zap2it.com -Ratings for February 12th 2008

Morse Code = We're back!!! Carol says it is to be read, 'we're baacckk!!' as in when Jack chops through the door in The Shining.

We first hear Jake recapping the events of the attacks on the United States while seeing flashback scenes.

When the very first scene opens, we see Phil Constantino sitting at the table inside the Richmond Ranch house. he really does not look all that concerned about his situation, remarkable.
Jake comes in, sees the table where his dad had laid dying hours before, and loses it, attacking Constantino. The soldiers standing in the house, are ordered by Major Beck to separate them both.

Major Beck asks for Constantino's version of events and of course he gives a very altered version, and then Major Beck asks Jake for his story. In flash backs, Jake lets us see once again, what had transpired during the days of battle with New Bern.

We see the fighting between New Bern and Jericho mixed with what Hawkins did with that tank, which I am so happy to say I loved! I had so hoped I would get to see that train collide with the tank :-) so thank you writers for that.

Then we see choppers and planes fly overhead of every one in the battle at the Richmond ranch, the planes dropping bombs, making a spectacular explosion * loved it*.

My take on Major Beck is - very good character. Not every character has to have blazing auras in each scene, and Esai Morales is certainly doing this character exactly as he would be in real life.
Is he good? I will go out on a very thin and creaky limb, and say right now..... I think he is semi bad. How is that for riding the fence?

The only other thing I want to really concentrate on is Eric.I expected that sooner or later he would crack his composure, after all we could see that the relationship between he and Jake has been strained for a very long time, and honestly in any family that has one child who seems to be the black sheep and one who is the 'good' child for lack of a better descriptor , when these children grow up the hostile feelings being held inside will come out.

I liked the episode very much, how ever now I have more questions than answers about who is behind this world shattering event. I hope we get all the answers soon.


Mimi crawling up Jennings and Rall girl butt, that was PRICELESS......

Darcy being so awesome and composed.

Eric letting his real self shine, its normal to react the way he did.

That Heather is back and now is dealing with issues ( secretly I hope for a showdown between her and Emily even tho I know she and emily are best friends.)

Beck - like his character because it brings new insight to what is really going on, and Esai plays him very well, but I dont trust Major Beck.

dislikes -

Chavez - dont trust him ( no reasons, but he has beady eyes, never trust the beady eyed folks)
How many times does Rob need to be double crossed, before he is more intune with his inner spy???

That so far, there is no mention of who is in charge of life in the east, or what they are up to. Seven episodes is not enough time to explain it, is it?

I have purposely kept this as a basic outline of my thoughts, so as to not ruin any new viewers, we need you all to be in seats on Saturday at 8 pm EST and again each tuesday at 10 pm! There fore I will keep my recaps as small files and post them when I feel its safe too.
Please remember, whether you watched the show online or via Live television ( which is preferable if possible) to let CBS know you watched, send a post card ( some great post cards made online at JerichoNet2.com, RadioFreeJericho.com, at Rubberpoultry's posts on the boards, and else where! You can also email CBS to let them know you watched.

For the sake of Jericho, be a number!!!


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