20 February 2008

Condor ~ Jericho was Awesome tonight!

I know this is a bit late, had to set up the lap so that I would have a windows machine for graphics stuff ( yes yes, to all who have been through my "Linux" sermon, I still love it, but I also love doing work in Dreamweaver and other programs which I could not run in Linux!)
So, were you all as totally blown away last night as I was?
In the first 5 minutes I felt so much better, because my show, with its comfortable feel was back.
( I do not not like change very much)

Just so it is clear, I am not making full recaps here much as I would love to because I do not want to influence any possible new fans with my thoughts, but I will give you some idea of how much I loved the episode last night!

I was sorry to see Jake lose the reporter, but I either blinked or something, because I did not see the reporter go to the phone, nor did I see anyone come up to whack him. Reason 1 to watch again online. When that happened , my energy level for the mystery that is Jericho came back up to 100 percent.

I was also happy to see that the story line infact shows us how insidious a takeover like this would be. When everyone is standing at the Richmond Farm to listen to that slimy President give his slimy speech, it was almost like watching pod people! I hope in real life that more folks than that would be questioning the spin , or is it rhetoric he was spilling. And what about the little flags they were waving? No one seems upset that the flag has been altered, no one.

I will say this, when the Marines did the 21 gun and then presented the flag, I got a tiny bit sick to my stomach. But as some one said to me, a Marine is going to follow orders like any other good soldier.

I have to apologize now to beady eyes Chavez, you sir are in fact a good guy and my bad guy meter is broken. Gonna look into fixing that. I also want to say now, that I think due to the file Hawkins could not gain access to on the flash drive means our Maj. Beck might be Special Op's himself, maybe embedded as a spy???

I also really really like that Rob is going with Darcy on her ability to help out, and was on the edge of my seat when the Secret Service guy came to her and asked to see in her bag! I see Darcy growing alot as a character in the story line.

I liked that Jake is more like himself, and that Eric is as well. Kudos's to his being made acting Mayor by Gray. Eric seems more relaxed tho you could see his still have issues to deal with from his reaction at the Presidents speech. I am also glad to see his immediate reaction to the school books.

This episode gave us so much to consider, to wait for. I am so excited about next week's episode that I might burst.
Thanks to the writers for doing an outstanding job on this episode, and I have full confidence that next week will be just as great!


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