07 January 2008

Call to Action Jericho Rangers - Radio Promotion

Okay, been silent for a bit, but that is because I am now splitting myself into pieces to get all I have to do done ( and its not working out so great, :-) need to slow down a bit)
There are only 35 days until Jericho Returns to CBS Prime Time. We have to get going peoples, and in the spirit of multitasking and promotion here is the post for GenPattons Radio Effort -

Ok, for those willing, ready and able, we have 38 days left to convert non-Jericho fans into Jericho fans. The method: RADIO. Lets get them hearing the word Jericho in their sleep and have them humming Tick Tick Tick Boom, so when they see the promo on CBS, it makes them stop, turn and look. They see that promo, chances are pretty good they’ll tune in February 12th.

We have broken up the US into 5 zones based on who all raised their hand to help - see 3rd post (we need people for Zone 1). If someone from each zone could step up and take the lead to contact the others to break up the areas, it would be helpful to avoid duplication. If you haven’t volunteered to help out but want to now, just post or email one of the members of your zone.

This website will list all radio stations by state, city, zip, or genre.

The plan is to find radio stations in these areas and email them requesting the following:

1) To request that the station give the Jericho Season 1 DVD as a prize giveaway (we have 8 Season 1 DVD's donated so far to use for this).

2) To dedicate the song “Tick Tick Tick Boom” by The Hives to All The Jericho Fans waiting the Season 2 premiere on February 12th on CBS.

3) To request that the station interview a cast member.

Just copy and paste the email below to the station or a DJ or personalize it the way you want

I’ve been a huge fan of your show for a long time now.

I’m not sure if you heard of the fans efforts last summer to persuade CBS to save the television show Jericho, but it was an incredible, successful effort…well, one of your fans is also one those fans.

Our goal is to attract new viewers to check out the second season we fought so hard for, and I was hoping as a fan of your show you could help me in this way;

- I’d like to dedicate the song “Tick Tick Tick Boom” by The Hives

TO: Jericho Fans waiting on the Season 2 premiere on February 12th on CBS.

- Would your station be willing to offer the Jericho Season 1 DVD as a prize giveaway to one of your listeners? We fans are pretty resourceful and can even supply it for the giveaway on your ok.

- Finally, as a long time listener, I would love to hear you interview one of the cast members from the show. If you have a listen live option on the stations website, I can guarantee you that I can get the word out to many other Jericho fans who will definitely tune in for that.

Please go to the thread and post your ideas, if you can help. GenPatton has also made more of a post on where this can go, and how it can be successful to the obtaining of Season Three if we can get the viewer numbers way up!

I also wanted to give a hello to the Live Journal Community for Jericho, was there earlier tonight and its awesome, so go check it out!


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