28 December 2007

Newest Jericho Promo from CBS and other news

What did we do before you tube? Here is the newest promo from CBS * I have been offline a bit, and totally missed this one :-(*

And the Morse Code at the end of the promo has been deciphered by a fellow Jericho fan Otto. Jericho Fan Rammy posted the translation on the CBS boards * link here* and the message the video contained says " Spread the Word".

I do feel sorry for our fellow Jericho Rangers in Europe as they wont get to see this come Feb 12th. CBS thank you for posting this promo, now could we possibly work on getting the show to begin over seas at the same time??????? I am telling you that I have tons of readers from Europe and beyond on my blog every day, that is so many viewers who are not counted!
I am itching to watch the new season, I do not know if I can wait until Feb. I am not the most patient of folks :-)

In other Jericho news -

Our very own Radio DJ, Shaun has been featured in Scientific American! You can read the whole article here, and many many thanks to Gwen at Jericho Telegraph for posting this on the boards and website.

Over at Jericho4kids.com, a interview with Loomer has been posted. It is some of Miss Shelby's best work so don't miss it! Here is the link -

Concerning the many many wonderful fans who have been working to send a bit of Christmas joy to our soldiers over seas, Sgt. Neal has been in contact with GenPatton and sends his thanks for your thoughts and support. I know not one Jericho Fan would wish to have his
thanks, we all just want the servicemen and women know how much we love and care for them.
One Jericho fan, Mikesmom posted this wonderful poem on the boards, and I wish to repost it here, its a tear jerker so get those hankies ready folks:

Courage is needed in all that they do

they fight for our freedom and the red, white and blue

they protect us each day never asking for fame

sometimes we dont even know their names

I dont have to worry when sleeping at night

I know they are out there fighting for my rights

they work real hard standing up so tall

fighting our battles big or small

They probably miss their families just like anyone would

but we we make them feel better by writing a letter

A father, a mother, a daughter, or son,

a brother or sister, they could be anyone

These people are soldiers and very important to me

they are true heroes and help keep us free

Now who ever it was that wrote this originally, many thanks from this mom of two who serve. I never fail to be overwhelmed by all the love that you Jericho Fans have for our troops. And I wanted to say a special thank you to GenPatton, who works so hard to keep our troops on the minds of all, he posts each day without fail and always has a kind word for every person who posts on his thread. I am so happy to say he is my friend. So honored to say you all are my friends.

Now, on to the various sites we have been given to investigate:

For the BlackHillsRadioControl website -

There is a map which shows the various nodes being given all plotted out.
The map contains a key which shows which node belongs to what area, such as Casino, and all the different Military Bases in the area. It is a very complete map from the looks of it.
And on the 23rd of this month, over at the unfiction forum, this translation of a message was posted by Drizjr:
(long solid tone, then four network chimes) (Very pleasant female voice) Hello citizens west of the blue line. My name is Amber Green and I'm your spokeswoman for the US Government in Cheyenne. We want to assure citizens that we are working hard to restore basic services to help get America back on her feet. You can help too! Listen here each week while we set a simple agenda to help communities begin the long road back to normal. Many in the listening area are farms or cuttle/cattle/kolkhoz land. Farmers: while you've been preparing for a growing season under some confusion for some potentials for harvest, we recommend two things to start you thinking. One is fallout. Check to see how much fallout may be contaminating your land. Use existing Civil Defense Geiger counters and consult with valuable local resources like NOAA and NAA standards. Two is local need. With much of the highway system closed to regular traffic due to lack of refueling sources, farms must, temporarily diversify; become local suppliers almost exclusively. Ceilings must be raised to the great variety of fruit, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Dry storage must be adapted to smaller stock types. Work with local alderman and law enforcement to decide on a lot/what lot/a lock/what your potential yields. Tune in next week and we will continue our broadcasts from the Cheyenne Government.
And this person who posted this message noted that italicized words are unsure to the poster. What is this blue line mentioned? Some say its the Mississippi River. Who are these people leaving these messages?

Here is GenPattons awesome thread dedicated to all the info on BlackHillsRadioControl.
There are many messages posted, so this thread is the best place to start in your journey.

For Jennings and Rall -
First of all, if you recall the photos put on Banacek11 Flickr page back in September - look at the picture title Oh, Eric Green, you have no idea.....
Look at Hawkins shirt! That is right, Jennings and Rall ( sadly, I never looked at it closely until I was reading through the JenningsandRall thread and saw the heads up posted by
Very cool catch there, Vader0309.
Check it out :
Now, interesting as this is, its got to be that Hawkins has infiltrated J&R some how, because they must not have a clue who he is, yet.
Now, for the SAKANSAS Herald Site -
The latest entry is dated for April 27th:
April 27
Last night a roar of plane engines at night filled the sunset and dropped hundreds of flyers on our town claiming that something called 'the Cheyenne Government' was under control and that we were under 'martial law.' I'll photograph it later today and post it so you can read it. Pretty spooky stuff. We've been up all night discussing the possibilities. The flag they're using is a variation of the USA one we grew up with and they claim they have a weekly broadcast on Mondays at 6PM.

This goes with the poster we were given early in the month which stated Martial Law was in use, shoot to kill for roamers during the night or in low visibility areas.

Okay, I have barely hit the high points of these sites, but I did get a online storage area set up, and will be linking to the files I make which will be a bit more detailed than this :-) when I have set that up, it will be a free download area from this blog. Maybe the files I make will help with further searches.
Until later , be good Jericho Fans.


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