17 October 2007

An Idea For Promoting Jericho and its FANS!

Afternoon all

About two weeks or so ago, I had posted at CBS forums an idea I had to promote Jericho. I would like to expound on that idea here a bit more, and see what every one thinks.
The idea is simple

We have so much talent here on the forums and blogs, talent that produced some of the best videos made by fans ever seen, moving videos made with heart that told a story of passionate love for Jericho and each other!
Those videos were a huge part of saving this show, and we all know it.
My idea? To take that same talent and bring it together, have all the fans make videos again, that we can then pull together and have polished up. After that stage is done, I hope to get them all seen by the folks of Junction or CBS , both I hope.
The real beauty of this idea? Once done ( and I have contacted a few folks who know some folks... who can help with the clean up and such) and with permission of the powers that be at Junction Entertainment ( if we can get them to view this idea) we have someone take the final product to CBS. Why, you ask would we want to do this?
Well, to be frank, not much has been done in the way of promoting the DVD's or the new season episodes. Now there are reasons for this, but the fact of the matter is, if we do not promote now..... it will be the hardest battle of our whole effort to claim the new viewer numbers we need once Season 2 begins. I want to get those viewers NOW!

Okay, back to the idea and how it fits in with viewer numbers for Season 2 ---
What better way to grab a new viewer than for people to see on air commercials featuring US, the fans, telling why we did what we did and how we did it!

That is the jist of the idea I have , so what do you all think of this? Would you be willing to do this with me, as a team? Remember, it was YOU the FAN who saved this show, and it can be YOU the FAN who brings back millions of new viewers to Jericho and CBS!
I will be posting again very soon, with more details and such, so please keep an eye out for updates on this, it could be the winner we have been looking for!

Edit @ 1:29 pm

Our fellow Ranger and friend, terocious has made the following proposal on the Nuts For Jericho and the CBS Boards:

Digg Day will be a fandom wide effort to Digg Jericho related content on multiple Digg Sites around the web.

If you would like to include your Blog, Video, Podcast, Image or anything else that is Diggable in the Digg Day line up then please post here and let me know you would like to participate.

On the 28th of October I will create a new post with links to all of the Digg sites so it will be easy for us to Digg ‘em all.

Most of you seasoned veterans are already accomplished Diggers but for those of you who are not check out the link to Digg.com below.



Many thanks to terocious for this great promotional idea!!!!


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