08 September 2007

Jericho - An Interview with Sweat629

Each time I sit down to read an Interview that is posted at Jericho Monster, I get a tab envious. I never had the intense desire to do interviews, but it did seem so much fun seeing Sweat629 doing each week. It became interesting to me to notice how these interviews revealed so much about the person being spoken to, and after doing one of the interviews myself I decided to step into the waters so to speak, and ask Sweat629 to do an interview for this blog. Sweat629 is a very important part of the Jericho World, and a fellow blogger who I admire very much. I wanted to know what made Sweat629 tick, who was the person "behind" the Monster!
I hope that you enjoy this interview, it is my first and now I see that while the Interviews for Jericho Rangers will always be the realm of Jericho Monster, this one was such fun I may go for it again soon.

And so, I now introduce you to Sweat629 ~

1.When Sweat629 sits down to read a book, which author do you choose most often, which genre do you feel is most interesting?

** I love to read and I enjoy anything except romances and westerns. I like fiction, non-fiction, and biographies. The author I choose most often, though, is Steve Berry. One reason for that is that I wrote him after buying and reading his first novel.Not only did he write me back but he enclosed an autographed page from his original draft. How many authors do that? His books are non-stop suspense.

2.Do you have any interesting outside hobbies that are non Jericho related?

I enjoy genealogy when I have time and I also collect old coins. I especially like foreign coins. Plus, I collect baseball cards for my great-nephew because I've seen how they can sell for high prices when they're older.

3. We have all had the extreme pleasure of reading each of your blogs for some time now. If you had to do it all over again, which blog would you have centered most of you energy on? Why?

Thank you. That's tough. If I say JerichoMonster it would only be true if I had done a mix of what I cover in all three blogs. I would not want just one blog with only interviews because I think blogs should appeal to as many people as possible. So, I would have to say JM with a variety of posts.

4. Will you be going to Jericon, and if so will you be blogging from there for all of us who can not attend?

No, I won't be able to go unless you'd like to take me. It would be a dream to blog it.

5.You work non stop toward making Jericho front and center with the goal of gaining more viewers, if you could have one thing from CBS to help you in this what would you ask them to do?

I would ask CBS for original content. That could be an interview with cast or crew, spoilers for the episodes, exclusive photos, contest items like autographed photos. Not just original content from Jericho but from all their shows so more people could be exposed to Jericho. For example, give me an interview with Andy Rooney. People who love him would, hopefully, come read the interview and would have a chance to see something about Jericho.

6. If you could do anything to create order out of all the different blogs and websites for Jericho so that fans would be able to access our information, what would you do?

Each blog and website has something different to offer. You don't have what I do and Nuciferous may have something totally different. If it were possible I would love to see a blog where we could each have a page and put our own material there. My page might be interviews, yours might be projects, someone else might have fan fiction. People could come and look around then go on to visit whichever blog/website caught their fancy.

7. What was it about Jericho that first drew you to Jericho ?

I have to say the first commercial I saw. It looked so interesting and I wanted to know more.

8.What do you think the the new episodes will show us?

A lot more about Jake and his character and more about who Hawkins really is. Plus more Jake/Emily.

9. In the world of Jericho, we see all types of characters who in the scheme of things are important to the whole. Which character do you feel shows the best of humanity and why? Who displays the worst?

The best? Gail Green. You see it in her love for her family, her love of the town and its' people. Look how she rallied to keep the refugees in town.
Worst? Constantino. He thinks it's okay to steal from Jericho to help his people but the people in Jericho are important too.

10. What would you suggest to a new blogger getting into this field, any sage advice to give them?

Yes. When I started blogging I was intent on getting traffic and numbers. I finally took someone's great advice to focus on content. Do that and people will come.

11. Last question, what do you think your fellow bloggers and fans should be telling new viewers about Jericho? How can we be more successful in obtaining new viewers with our blogs and websites?

That's tough. I think we have to appeal to a wide variety of people. Some viewers might like the show because of the survivalism aspect while some might watch for other reasons. That's why Jericho appeals to so many different people. We may have to tell 10 people 10 different reasons to watch and maybe one will catch their fancy.

To get more viewers with blogs and websites? Again, I think there has to be variety. We have to realize that the viewers we need are any race, religion, age, gender, etc. We have to appeal to all of them. Advertise on the sites where those people go. I have pages at MySpace, BoomerTown, you name it. Social networking has enabled me to talk to a wide variety of people.


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