12 September 2007

Blogging Jericho - nearing one year

I was not into blogging yesterday, every year it is the same for me. My daughters birthday is September 11th, and since 2001 we have had to work really hard to make it a day about her and her alone. It is hard, because as so many find, the images from that day can not be erased from my heart and mind. I did not lose anyone close to me, I lost thousands of potential friends that day, because we never know who we will meet or when, right? To all my 'friends' who now reside in a place that does not experience war and death and pain, God Bless You, to your family and friends - I will NEVER FORGET.

Today, I thought it would be kind of neat to go back and read my beginnings into blogging with my Jericho Blog at Wordpress. I had another blog(trippen) just before this, but knew that in order to get my Jericho on, I needed to be chatting it up on line.

It is incredible to realize that I have been blogging Jericho since Oct of last year. I started with such tiny little blog posts and as my comfort level increased, so did my wordy posts.
What is cool is to see my own words saying how much I loved Jericho then, as much as I do now. I just have a deeper appreciation for the show, cast and crew. I see now on a daily basis how hard they all work to bring us the show each week. I also wanted to say thank you to everyone in the Yahoo Group, because they were the first group to exist for Jericho, I believe even before CBS got the wiki and group up on their website.

Over at the Production blog

Boy did I ever miss a great blog post yesterday!

Loomer was at it again, this time talking about episode 6 ( no, say it is not so, has the time come to accept that filming is almost done?) and he introduced us to Terry Ahern, who is head of Craft Services. In other words, this guy has to feed that crowd and then has to clean the dishes, boy do I know how that goes. Its neat that he said they shop at Costco, I will be talking about Costco in the near future, just a hint at a surprise off topic of Jericho!
And get this, here I thought I was the coffee Queen at two pots a day, but this crowd of Jericho folks go through 15 to 20 pots a day!!! And 45 - 40 pound bags of ice? Next time my husband tells me I go through too much ice, I am just going to have him read this post at the Production blog.
Once again Loomer, awesome post! Any time you want to come here and post, let me know!


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