07 September 2007

Jericho - What is new today?

At the Jericho Production Blog today, Robert Levine and Lisa Schultz left us this post -

Hey fans-

So we've passed the one-month-left mark. Can you believe it? In less than four weeks, we will have wrapped production. Time flies when you're making TV, but these weeks went especially fast, I have to say. The good news is, we came up with some great story ideas for episode 7 today, at which point Carol asked for a time-out to, quote, "acknowledge the awesomeness" of what we've done with these seven. It was bittersweet, to say the least.

At the moment, we are close to having episode 5 in the can. 5 features some gunplay, so there's been lots of shots ringing out around the stages today. It's Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James doing the shooting, but I can't say at who. If I had to pick one word to describe the stories we're telling this year, I would say "intense." Seriously, these episodes are like missiles. I don't want to rack the bats, so to speak, but I think you, the fans, are going to be very pleased. Not to mention jonesing for more.

Hit the production blog for the rest of the post :-) And yes, "jonesing for more" is so true!

Over at Jericho Monster, there is a wonderful interview with Jenny The Townsperson, and also from this same blog is an interview with Schumi. It is Schumi who was the person who whipped us all into shape early in the campaign, who can forget her always keeping us in line with her words of advice, "be polite, be persistent" I know there was a third thing in there, but I own an old brain and need to work on getting an upgrade.
I most like this answer Schumi gave to the question - Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

You all did an amazing, history-making job. Everyone who did anything, even if it was to tell someone else about the campaign, deserves the credit for saving the show. No effort was better than anyone else's. All should all be proud and stand up to take a bow.

There will always be differing opinions as we all bring our unique experiences to the table with us and base our view of something on those. We succeeded by moving past differences and sticking together on a few well defined initiatives. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t many more completely commendable initiatives out there that people came up with and got others to support. But not everyone can support everything.

If we always approach each other presuming each one of us has nothing but the best of intentions in our words and actions and we treat one another the way we want to be treated, then there is no way we can’t get a season 3 for Jericho.

See you all at Jerichon 2007 in Oakley, KS.
So, give this interview a read, because it introduces us all to one of the more known Fans of Jericho who worked so hard to help us all work together, and honestly; without her support of us, and her determination to keep us working as a well oiled machine in those early days we may well have had a very different outcome. Schumi, I learned a lot from you during those days, and very much appreciate all your dedication to this cause and the fans, so thank you from a fellow fan.

In other Jericho News from around the net -
There is a very good article in TheRecord.com - Jericho's Saviour Is Just Plain Nuts.

The big story for the year is [spoiler alert] the mission that Hawkins and Jake have to do to save the world."

While the show's unexpected revival delighted diehards who revel in its ambiguity, cherish its relationships and scrutinize its allegories -- of which the U.S. presence in Iraq is but one -- it should be pointed out that if Jericho doesn't draw a sizably larger audience from day one all the nuts in the world won't save it from the executioner's axe a second time.

"Unfortunately, they didn't show up on the Nielsens and we got cancelled," says Barbee of fans who watched the show online. "We have to have them in front of the television -- that's what it's all about."

Listen my fine Jericho Fans to what was said in that copied piece of the article, its being said over and over and over.... we need the fans to be in front of the television, PERIOD. That means we need to get the fans NOW!
Check that article out its a nice new twist on all that that the fans of Jericho accomplished.

On the Jericho Fan Central Blog -

Xwarp has been chosen as the Jericho Ranger of the Week -

So well deserved. In checking out this Rangers presence on the boards and else where, I have found out exactly how hard this fan has been working and continues to work to better our Jericho Fandom and how much he helps the Jericho Fans.

Congratulations Xwarp on being chosen!!!

Don't Forget that there will be a chat before the show tonight in the CBS CHAT ROOM!!! This will be something special to be a part of.
It will be at 8 pm est time, so be there or be square my friends.

Will be back later today with some new and exciting Jericho Info, so check back!!!


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