29 August 2007

JerichoBlog - Message from Brad "Stanley Richmond" Beyer

Brad talks to us on the blog at CBS today and wow am I happy to finally see him leave a message for us.

As anyone who knows me knows.......... I am Brad Beyer's BIGGEST FAN period. I know others lay claim to that position, but sorry... they can not beat my adoration of Brad, they simply can't. Skeet is okay, I mean he is cute and his acting is great; but Brad you take the cake, your the cats meow, the bee's knees and any other wonderful adjectives I can come up with.
While I love love love Jericho's' story line, and each of the cast members you are my favourite.

Maybe we can start a petition for a Brad Beyer show? Just thinking out loud there.

Oh, what a face :-)

Anyway, the blog post Brad writes is funny, and made finding it made my morning! Thank you Brad for writing to us.I would have seen it earlier if I had been able to get the Internet pointed in that direction, Firefox was wonky yesterday to put it nicely.
At least this week, I get to have my Brad hour in peace, one more football game interrupts my viewing pleasure and I am not going to be a happy camper.

In other interesting Jericho points -

Jericho Monster will be making the Jericho Fan of The Week open to all the boards! I love getting to read each weeks fan posting, its as if I am meeting each person and getting to know who they are as people.
I am loving the thread started over at RFJ and CBS about the Black Jack Fairgrounds Capture Game - seems that right now, Hawksdomain is peril, and needs immediate saving!
Here is the original post from CBS boards -

Want to have some fun with a Jericho friend? Send them to the Black Jack Fairground for something they needed. It can be something funny or practical. The *guards* will hold them ransom until people show up to trade something to get them back!

Just start a thread here with the persons name and what they went for. Let them know they have been by captured by sending them an email and you can include the Black Jack Banner.

Then let the fun begin - invite others to post what they will trade to get them back - who knows - the guards might see something they like!


So, someone needs to save Hawksdomain, I will be heading there in a few.... gotta find something to trade for her release.


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