25 August 2007

Jericho Rangers give Troop Support a New Home - Jericho Rangers For Our Troops

Before May 15th of this year if someone had told me that I would be a part of an amazing movement to save a television show, I would have said they were, well... NUTS!
But we were, and we were successful. We saved Jericho from certain death, we cheated the Nielsen Gods of their sacrificial offerings. We were awesome in our resolve to never give up. We made many friends, connections that will never be broken by distance or time. And we learned something about the power of collective efforts for a common cause.

Now, the fans of Jericho have once again decided to put forth the same kind of energy and dedication for a new and most important cause, the American Servicemen and Women. This cause is important to me, not only because two of my sons serve but for every serviceman and women now and in the past who gave of themselves for us!!!

It is with great pride that I introduce to you now a website dedicated to the troops. It is built with the same love that made our Jericho Campaign so succe

Jericho taught us how as a community, no matter how hard times may get, no matter what obstacle we may face; if we stick together and hold each other up we will be victorious.

Jericho Rangers For Our Troops

The introduction on the main page of the website says it far better than I ever can ~

Jericho Rangers for Our Troops

This site has been brought together by the unified fans of the CBS television show Jericho. We rallied in May 2007 and forced CBS to rethink their decision to cancel a show that inspired many. We were called the largest internet movement to save a television show. During this struggle, many people laughed at our determination. Several of the Jericho Rangers stood firm, believing that the fight for a television show was only the beginning. We believed that this fight showed each of us we were able to come together to fight for a common good.

We have now turned that determination to our support of the troops that fight for our safety and freedom every day. This website is not about the politics of war. This site is to show our support to the men and women who answered the call of their country.

At the site you will find all the main causes attached to the Troops such as Staten Island Project Homefront, DVDs for Our Troops, Wounded Warrior, Hire A Hero * another personal fav of mine* and Celebrate Our Troops.

So Jericho Rangers, drop by and give this website a look, I am sure you will be glad you did!

And Thank you CBS and Junction Entertainment for giving us Jericho, the catalyst for our efforts!


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