12 July 2007

Twitter page made for Jericho, Greensburg discussion to be revisited

Well... first of all I made a twitter account for Jericho on CBS... to go with this blog. Now to get others to sign up for the service * go to twitter.com, its free and fun! * and then we can have an instant notification service for anything to do with Jericho.

Here is the address of the Jericho Twitter home.... jericho_on_cbs.
I could not use the exact address of this blog as the service will not allow the "~" mark I use, but its still a Jericho Twitter group.

Now.....I need to find a good background to use, something faded abit so that the text will show up, will have to go to rubberoultry and ask if he has anything he would be willing to donate to the cause ;-)

I also made a few posts about from my main twitter pages... and I will work on getting the twitter badge here in a bit.
I want the colors to change as well... but it will do for a start.

Now on to important things...

I am supposed to be using my new modem right now...but the cable company * who said the would be here at 11 am* has yet to show up. The modem I am using now a surfboard..........ecccccccccck; will not let me stay connected, shuts off and on like mad.
When I finally do get my modem all set up, I will be back with some things I am working on at Nuts For Jericho forum:

1. Greensburg, Kansas -

**** NutsOnline Greensburg Page****
This issue has suddenly dropped off the radar of the Jericho Community and its high time to get it back into clear focus. The fact of the matter is, we are a large group of people who together can help this community out and we were up until recently. Now, I see that the donations have dropped off big time.

There is a special area of the Nuts For Jericho Forum just for Greensburg, if you think you can help in anyway, please check in there and lets talk!

Our show represents the best thing about being a human being... the ability to reach out in a time of need and offer aid! What if Greensburg was your town?
So my main goal for now, beyond writing about Jericho is to keep a sharp eye on the doings of the Nuts online website and the forums to see if we can not get the spirit of giving back into our hearts.
I will be posting any news I find on Greensburg either here or at NutsforJericho, so please keep that in mind. Christmas is not that far away now, lets me thinking about this now!

he Greensburg Wiki page at CBS has been updated -

And this very interesting piece of news dated June 27th... but still maybe quite important, they need you in Greensburg, please read this news post and if you can help call the number in the post!
Job Opportunities in Greensburg

2. The Troops -
As my two boys are serving, this is a HUGE thing for me and I want to make sure that this aspect of the Jericho Community participation does not fizzel out either. The servicemen and women are STILL IN IRAQ, they do not have the luxury of waiting.... they need our help now. And, as I said above, Christmas is NOT that far away, we need to be thinking of the troops now, not waiting until November when we are already swamped in the holiday love and angst.

How do these issues and many other community service topics connect to Jericho? Easy.... the troops love Jericho, and we love the troops. And, they are the reason we have the awesome ability to sit in our homes safe and sound watching television or blogging! The whole spirit of Jericho is about helping each other, and God forbid the events we see in Jericho were to ever occur for real, these same service folk are going to be our saving grace.

talk to you in abit... pray that its with the help of a brand new modem :-)


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