14 June 2007

Whats next for this blog

Yesterday, while thinking over this whole issue of the summer reruns of season 1, its time slot of Friday night at 9 pm between Ghost Whisper and Numb3rs, and the fact that we might be facing an unknown magic viewer number CBS is looking for, I decided at the request of some forum users to making a archive of the time slot rating numbers.
I was interested in a possible magic number because if this is in the minds of TPTB at CBS, we need to know approximately what it might be, and how we are doing with it per each episode.

Now I did a small amount of research thanks to cmplxgal at the forum who most graciously supplied some great links and the rights to ask for help when needed *thanks*, I have some idea of where to start the count and how to compile this data. I will double check what ever I do make with cmplxgal before I post as she was the author of the wonderful research you find here on the ratings.

This will hopefully if nothing else, give us an idea of how we are doing for the time slot and wont leave us so in the dark as we were before. I feel that the biggest sin if you will of CBS was not telling us that we were to be informing ourselves of the ratings and not having put the info out publicly that Jericho was (in their minds) in trouble.

I still search for a template that I can use here that has at least three columns ( think newspaper ) that will be stretchy in nature for any graphics I have in use, but will have a clean look. If anyone is familiar with blogger and has a template or a website with such templates, please leave me an email or comment here.

In forum news.... the clean up has begun, and happily the posts are finding their proper homes, however I strangely miss the frantic pace of talk that was going on, seems a bit subdued now. Oh well, much better to be organized.

Back later with today's Jericho news and info.


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