14 June 2007

A New Forum From Jeff @ Nuts Online and an interesting proposal from Starry-Nite at the CBS Jericho Forum

Two bits of new info for Jericho Fans ~

First -Many many thanks to Jeff Braverman of Nutsonline for this new gathering place, I am so into how it looks and feels, peaceful!

here is a portion of the official announcement from the forums:

EXCLUSIVE INVITATION FOR JERICHO FANS - JUNE 14, 2007 - NUTSONLINE has struck again! On behalf of Jeff Braverman, let me invite you to visit THE NUTS FOR JERICHO FORUM BOARDS!!!!
In response to many,many requests from Jericho Fans, Jeff has given us a place to gather in one spot to get organized and get pumped up!!! Every Jericho Fan is an equal on this board...we will ALL be leaders! Look for more in Jeff's LIVE BLOG today! GET REGISTERED!! You will find YOUR STATE or YOUR COUNTRY already has a thread waiting for you! ~

and also-

This idea was broached back on June 12 in the Save Jericho Campaign Folder and I have been in contact with the poster *starry_nite* who put the post up but would like to let everyone know here what she has brought up for consideration.

Hi All, just an idea to get the word out. I am a designer and work for a printing company in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, home of Olympians :)

I donated a web site to this really nice guy that came in for business cards, Gary Gianetti, as he is doing a cancer benefit for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and riding 100 miles a day in all 50 states in 50 days, my mom is a cancer survivor and it is a very good cause. Lance will be riding with Gary in Portland.

My idea is this. I am not sure, but I can ask him to wear a Jericho t shirt on some of his more publicized rides (maybe NY and/or Portland) Maybe if some of us give a donation on his site or something, just an idea, any thoughts? His site is www.healthyaltitudes.com .

Here is the link for the message above, and you can read all the way through the different replies to it. As soon as this info on the forum is updated I will repost here.

This cause is very special to my heart - I lost my Nana to lung cancer in 1980. Had the treatments of today and the future been available, she would be with me and my family today. If you can support this effort, not for Jericho's sake but for the Foundations sake, then for Jericho please do. A great way to be involved with this on a state level is to download the media kit and schedule for Mr. Gianetti's rides, he even has a ride here in Lexington in September!

edit to the Ride info ~

Starry_nite has some new info on the cost of the shirt : Anyone having any ideas or wishing to participate, please either go to the link for the original post here, or contact me and I will get your message to Starry_nite for you!

I was thinking of just printing on the back as it's much less expensive. We can put a "ride for your life" logo on as well as the Jericho design we choose. Just a thought. It is sounding to me that a two color jersy will run around $100 total. The jersey in the picture he sent me (attached) is white, I think a black jersey with white and red would stand out more but I'll have to ask Gary if he has a preference. Maybe if we can get a roll call on who will donate and how much we can better judge what we can de. i.e. just one jersey, running shirts, etc. Ideas?


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