11 June 2007

Summary of Week One ~ Online Content Thread

This is the list as it stands so far - any ideas to add? Please let me know so we can get it updated as needed.

Monday recap of ideas for Online Content

End of week 1 - June 10th 2007

  1. Concerning the posts and threads in our folders:

    1. Move the thank you letters from the cast into their own folders

    2. Rename the Save Jericho Folder to Promote Jericho

    3. A latest news section

    4. Maybe most important of all, giving someone some administrative rights ( active moderators) to help out with arranging the posts/folders.( for example, newbie folder, next steps folder...) Also, a folder or place where posts just to the Administrative folks are able to be posted.

    5. A thread for posters just to leave comments to Leaders.

    6. Being able to click on your user name or someone else's name to get a list of the threads they are involved in.

    7. Making the threads themselves more organized as far as topics.

    8. Making courtesy a bigger issue on some of the topics.

    9. Better search ability for the posts themselves.

    10. Being able to see who is online at any time.

    11. Chat feature. IM feature available.

    12. A FAQ or help section for new users to use with the rules of behavior, how to post.

    13. It has been suggested that the current software is not adequate for this size group.

  1. Make links to the other Jericho Websites available

  2. A Bigger map showing not only Jericho, but the surrounding areas.

  3. Some have mentioned many times not being able to purchase the show due to being outside USA on such net areas as iTunes, so some contact with Apple regarding this has been done by myself, but if someone from CBS were to talk to them, it might actually happen.

  4. As pertaining to the actual website for Jericho~

    1. Some have suggested a blog written by actors, writers, producers.

    2. Interviews with cast

    3. Q&A with characters

    4. contests for fan created materials, could be highlighted on DVD, and maybe even some “Beyond Jericho” fan created videos that could be judged for contest or???

    5. An online story for the off season time

    6. Interactive ads on Innertube, being able to watch the ads either at the beginning or end of show.

      and my personal favourite - more photos of the stars :-)


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