11 June 2007

Ideas about Online Content from fans

* edit* If you are wondering where to get that great Jericho Graphic up top and this one below - many more, I have the link right here thanks to rubberpoultr!*

Last evening, I spent some time making a summary of some of the fans ideas for CBS * should they ask us * online presence.
Some were great, some were to my mind not doable without large cost, and some were not going to happen as copying another site is never a good idea in my mind, but CBS could do it and prove me wrong.*no one is asking me, right?*

One person brought up an excellent idea * link for forum post * that is... have a code embedded in each episode that a live viewer sees and to see the rest of a scene or episode, you will have to go to the website and enter the code. This is great for two reasons, one its an actual count of who watched the episode, and you can have the area where you have the code to be entered also take some demographic info as well.
One can argue that this could lead to lying about age etc, and while some of us dearly wish to roll back the clock dealing with age, I hardly think anyone would lie in this case.

I will put up the week one summary for CBS Online Content here, its also put up at the forum but I want to have people here be able to give me their ideas as well. I have been hearing from some folks I know that the forum seems to be running too long in the tooth message wise. This scares some off as they don't feel they will find what they are looking for back three pages.
Most of us are used to forums having message topics you can click on, and then seeing who wrote what on each day. I am hoping that whoever Admins the CBS forums will take a look at the other more highly populated forums out here and learn a bit.
Another way of helping would be for CBS Admin to give some small rights to a trusted person, at least to clear up help issues folks may have, and to be able to move posts to folders.

One last thing before I am gone for breakfast..... did you see the Sopranos last night???? Poor Phil, that was so gross. No, what was more gross was the guy who threw up! And that ending... oh man I was screaming... how can everyone in the business think that is the way to go, just ending it like that? I am not even a true fan of the show, have seen it on and off, and its a good show but jeez what an ending. I wonder, will outraged fans be throwing Onion rings or flea collars at HBO in protest? That cat was something else, I loved it. Poor Phil, was it me or did anyone else hear his head pop?
Okay, be back with the week one summary of the ideas for online content in a bit....


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