01 June 2007

Jericho places 9th in 10 show list for Nielsen Commercial Viewing

First off, looking topside you now see a great banner made by over at the forums, so if you are new to this whole thing, please click it and it will take you right to all the information you need to get started in helping save Jericho! This banner in now way helps anyone but Jericho, so feel confident in clicking it!

Update on Petition ( here) we now sit at over 100,000 names (100,336 at 2:48 pm June 1st) this means we have gotten 94,051 names on this since May 17th!

So, Skeet, Brad, Pamela, Carol, Jimmy, Timothy ( phil grrrrrrrrr the bad guy :-) Constantino),Erik, Candace, Kenneth, Alicia, Lenny, Michael, Richard, and all the cast, crew who ever had anything to do with Jericho in any way, we love you all so much and can't wait to see you guys on our tv here and in every fans home SOON!
And thank you so much to all from Jericho for posting all your letters to us on the forums, it means so much to us to see your coming and reading and feel as strongly about Jericho as we the fans do.

Copywrite, Ink has a really super nice post commenting on a post of his on Jericho that was a hit with the Digg crowd, and rightly so. He is a superb writer and one heck of a smart business person. I have learned a ton already from reading his stuff. Its the ability of the Internet ladies and gentlemen that is allowing us to learn so many new things, and I for one think its great because we are all finding out how much we can do!

My Dad has always said, listen, learn, do; and when I was younger I always thought yeah, yeah, like it is that easy. Well these last 15 days have proven to me that it really is that easy.

Have you heard about the Nielsen post today discussing the viewing habits of those with DVR's and how we use the DVR and still watch the commercials? ( and for anyone at CBS who visits here, as my daughter and I discussed today, we even sit through each commercial while watching the shows on Innertube, just thought to say that here)

Probably not so let me repeat just a bit of this here:

Nielsen Launches Commercial Minute Ratings In Standardized File

New York - May 31, 2007 - The Nielsen Company today began offering the first standardized ratings of television commercials, giving clients a way to measure the impact on commercial viewing of digital video recorders (DVRs) and other "time-shifting" technologies.

Until now, ratings of television programs have been used for negotiating the buying and selling of commercial time. However, because of the increasing use of DVRs and the ability of consumers to fast-forward through commercials during DVR playback, clients asked Nielsen last year to provide a closer measure of the audience for commercials, not only when programs are viewed live but when played back as well.

In response, starting today, Nielsen will offer clients a new Average Commercial Minute electronic data file that provides an average rating for the commercial minutes in each television program. This data will be available back to April 30th and will cover six "streams" of viewing data:

  • Live viewing;
  • Live viewing plus DVR playback on the same day; and
  • Live viewing plus DVR playback for one, two, three and seven days.

All broadcast, cable and syndicated programming will be included in the new average commercial minute electronic data file, which supplements individual commercial minute ratings data already available in Nielsen's NPOWER software and its All Minute Data File. These products enable clients to look at individual minute ratings, including commercial minutes, at any interval of DVR playback ranging from one minute delayed viewing to seven days.

"Today's launch of average commercial minute ratings culminates a year-long effort to deliver a new way of measuring television viewing," said Sara Erichson, Executive Vice President, Client Services for Nielsen Media Research. "Nielsen worked very closely with all client groups to develop this new measurement. Our clients will determine which of these data streams they want to use for negotiating the buying and selling of advertising and whether it be for the upcoming television season or the following one."

Ten Percent of all Broadcast Primetime Viewing Now Seen Via DVR Playback

About 17% of households in the U.S. currently have DVRs. Within these households, 58% of broadcast primetime viewing takes place live, with 42% occurring through some form of DVR playback. 95% of all broadcast prime time viewing within these homes (Live + Playback) takes place within three days of the live telecast. The amount of cable and syndicated viewing that occurs via DVR playback is lower, with 85% of cable primetime viewing and 84% of syndicated programming taking place live, respectively, in DVR households. Almost all viewing to cable and syndicated programming (Live + Playback) occurs within three days.

Among all U.S. households, including those without DVRs, 90% of all broadcast primetime viewing among viewers age 18-49 occurs live, meaning that 10% is seen via DVR playback. Again, the impact of DVRs on viewing cable and syndicated programming is lower, with 97% of all primetime viewing on cable seen live and 98% of all syndicated programming seen live.

The way it was explained to me from the forums is :

CBS claims the ratings for Jericho were bad and dropping. The fans say that the Nielson ratings they used as the basis of their decision didn't take time shifted (Tivo/DVR) viewing into account.

This not only proves the fans point, it also proves that Jericho fans were more likely to view commercials in their time shifted viewing, discounting the argument that time shifted viewing shouldn't count because everybody skips the commercials.
** thanks to Sauceman for explaining this so well for me :-)**

As some on the forums have mentioned, CBS if you were to run Jericho as reruns for summer, think of all that money you will make for yourself and the advertisers! My kids and I have already said to each other that it does not matter how many times I see them over and over ( which I could prove how many times I have watched so far, on both this pc I am on now, and my older one i had earlier) We will watch them, if you will show them!

on other things Jericho

Jeffrey over at nutsonline has made available as you know, tee shirts, and now even mugs! I hope both of these are still available when I have money, so I can proudly wear my love for Jericho, and since I drink about 20 gallons of coffee per day ( not totally a fib there, ask my family :-/) I will be able to remember having been a part of this AWESOME movement to save Jericho for the rest of my life!

The daily tally at nutsonline is: ordered to date -34,231 lbs for a grand total of $46, 575 dollars!

And the Greensburg, Kansas Contributions now stand at $9,454! Did anyone tell the people who are involved in all this how truly blessed each of you are? Too cool.

And we are now on page 20 of the National Enquirer, which I get to see when I go shopping for food this weekend! Walmart finally gives me something neat to read in line :-) It is a one page article with a picture of Jeff of nutsonline in it! For the first time in my 44 years, I will be buying one! Hear that Mom?

Whew, that was a long post - have to go get more coffee now ( see, I told you) and I will be back here with other tidbits and news I get today, so until I get back - don't you have some calls to make, some letters to write, some emails to send?


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