21 May 2007

Save Jericho - Kenneth Mitchell visits the forum

Wow, to say that the actors don't know what we are doing is obviously wrong, now today at 9:30 am, Kenneth Mitchell, who plays Eric Green ; came to the boards with a lovely and to me anyway, sort of hopeful note:

Hello Jericho Fans...

I thought Eric being tortured by New Bern was difficult but having our show come to a close has been quite challenging emotionally. Working with CBS on Jericho has certainly been one of my favorite professional experiences. It was an absolute treat to go to work everyday and be apart of the Jericho family which extends out to you - the 9 million+ devoted fans that religiously tune in every week via a multitude of media outlets.

I really appreciate all your dedication and interest throughout the season. Your passion and enthusiasm over the last week has especially been overwhelming and touching. It's been a difficult time for the cast and crew but your response has warmed our souls.

I'm thrilled to witness that the themes of our show have resonated with you. Your recent rally has brought new meaning to the episodes "Why We Fight" and "Coalition of the Willing". I'm surprised Planters Peanutz hasn't called to do a cross promotion.

Though Eric morns the loss of his father he must be strong and soldier on with his brother in arms.

Thanks again for all the support and I hope to see you soon.

Kenneth Mitchell

To Kenneth, I have to say I am sorry :-) I have been dogging your character a bit this year on my first Jericho Blog over at Word press. I have to say it was purely due to being caught in the moment, LOL. But the mere fact that I felt so strongly about your character means you were doing it all right, a real tribute in my eyes.

Eric Greene was a human, he cried, he made mistakes and he was one of us. And yes, the moment when April died was heartbreaking for me and I am sure many many viewers, we all felt sorry for Eric.

We love you guys in Jericho, I hope you see that now. And we want you back in our lives every week!
To CBS - please, listen to what we the FANS are saying about OUR show, and just admit you made a mistake, bring back Jericho!

FIGHT ON JERICHO WARRIORS, we are now just 16 names from 60,000!


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