23 June 2009

When being a blogger is destructive.... or how to be the most vile blogger on earth * Perez Hilton *

Warning right up front.... this post is a bout Perez Hilton, a 'person' I have long felt should be removed from owning and or writing a blog or anything else on the net, if you are his fan or what ever...understand this is MY blog.

1. I learned today that FOX Teen Choice awards is supposedly placing Perez Hilton as a nominee for teen choice awards this year.

2. Perez Hilton has more than one million followers on Twitter and a page rank of 7/10 on Google. WHY?

3. Perez Hilton has a blog that at times ( many times) leaves lewd comments written on photographs of celebrities, even those who one could consider a young person. * see this page link if you dare -http://perezhilton.com/2008-06-23-only-dirty-in-bed * AND http://perezhilton.com/2008-01-03-the-whole-world-saw-my-girly-bits-now

He sat ( how, who???)on the Judges panel for the Miss America Contest and brought down a person who may or may not have deserved the crown not for anything she did wrong but for his own disgusting immoral ( not based on sexual preference mind you, but based on his behavior alone ). He writes the most disgusting things on photographs of young women AND gets away with it. He makes my stomach turn and yet.... he has millions of followers, please someone explain this to me.

I totally recognize the right to free speech unless it is harmful and mean to someone else. I could be the same type of dare I say it.... 'blogger' * OMG I threw up in my mouth just now!* as that POS Perez, I could have taken any number of photographs of his porky ass and thrown it on here, made some mean nasty comments on it ( as you do Perez to everyone else except Zac Efron ) and placed it here. I could have, I really could have. But that only adds to the stupidity.

I want to know what was going through the Miss American Pagents minds when they choose him? What is FOX thinking even considering him to be a nominee. And if I am too old to sign in at the website to even see who the nominees are, why is he fit material for children to read? Where are your heads at parents?? Have you even read his blog? Do you even understand that your children ( those born after 1970 anyway) are being desensitized by his dribble?

Perez Hilton today was seen on national news outlets, crying his peanut sized heart out because he "says" got smacked by Will I AM's Manager ( but in the video on TMZ, it is very unclear as to who punched him! Perez clearly calls Will I AM a f*ing f*ggot ( what?! ) and I am going to say it right now, the Gay Community should be calling for him to have his website brought down. He is a total moron.

Here is the link to the video on TMZ so you can see for yourselves just how stupid this all is -


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