10 June 2009

Happy Wednesday

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June 10th 2009


You know what... I have a terrible secret. I am watching reality tv and having a good time! I have been watching I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. And I love that they are all playing for Charities, makes it a worth while pastime.

Those Baldwin boys rock, Daniel is funny as hell, and Stephen well, he is the cutie of the bunch. I am very glad to see that Heidi and Spencer are gone gone gone. Those two bugged me no end, Heidi not as much as Spencer. He was pissing me off with the way he acted, that to me, was a fake Christian play he was putting on. Imagine going on a fast in the jungle when you are all ready pretty much fasting anyway! I do hope Heidi is doing better now tho.

Tonight we are going to see someone new joining the group and we get to see who was picked to be booted. I hope for all that it is Janice, if she spits one more time I will hurl I swear. My biggest pet peeve is spitting, and for crying out loud Janice act like a freaking lady and get off your ass and help out! So that is what I am watching tonight, what about you?

Today is a day for work, I have writing to do , and yuck... yard work as well. So far no storms that I know of and the temps are only in the low 70's so it is just the humidity I will be battling today. I have some lilies I need to move, even though I know it is a bit too early to I need to get them so they do not starve each other out. My peaches are doing really well, getting larger each day. I bet they will be ready to eat come the 4th of July. The plums are not doing as well and I fear I wont get a crop at all this year.


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