02 May 2009

Zap2it ~ 16 shows they hope make it TV next Season

May 2nd Saturday

Zap2it.com has a post up about the 16 shows they would like to see make it to tv in the coming season, that is 16 out of 70 mind  you. I choose the few I would watch for this post ~ my whys are in italics thier whys in red.

Eastwick' (ABC)Premise: Three women discover their supernatural powers around the same time that a mysterious stranger arrives in town. Based on John Updike's "The Witches of Eastwick."

Why we'd like to see it: Early buzz on the pilot is that it's quite good, and we're intrigued by the lead trio of Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price and Jaime Ray Newman. One question: Can Paul Gross ("Due South") play a devilish enough devil?

Why? Because I am a sucker for anything supernatural, I loved the movie and think this will work due to all the Charmed fans.

'Three Rivers' (CBS)Premise: A drama about surgeons, donors and patients at a regional transplant center in Pittsburgh.

Why we'd like to see it: Primarily, it's because "Moonlight's" Alex O'Loughlin stars, and we want to see if he has the same allure without being a vampire. The three different P.O.V.s for organ transplants is intriguing as well.

Why? Well Alex O’Loughlin of course, but only as a supportive fan of Moonlight, I am not one for Doc dramas. Who knows , maybe he will be the reason I begin to like them?

'The Fish Tank (CBS)Premise: A comedy about a teenager (Drake Bell) whose parents' jobs take them out of town frequently, leaving him alone at home.

Why we'd like to see it: The Nickelodeon star gets a chance to see if he can carry a sitcom and thus become a man. The addition of comedian Chris Elliott promises a degree of wackiness to the show.

Why? He was really funny on Drake and Josh, I have kids who watched religiously and I had to watch with them if I wanted in my living room. He is a very talented actor, so I want to see what he can do now.

'The Station' (FOX)Premise: In a small South American country, the CIA station works to keep the people it favors in power.

Why we'd like to see it: The Ben Stiller-directed comedy sounds like an all-or-nothing proposition: It could be great if it's handled right, or it could be a disaster. Either way, the idea is pretty intriguing.

Why? Ben Stiller, sort of .. Kind of wore on me, so I will give this a shot. it’s a comedy and I need all the laughs I can get.

'Human Target' (FOX)Premise: A drama based on the DC/Vertigo comic book about a security expert who takes on the identities of his clients to draw out potential threats.

Why we'd like to see it: So, yes, the comic book was the basis for a short-lived 1992 series that starred, of all people, Rick Springfield. But it's still an interesting premise, and with a cast that features Mark Valley, Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride, we think it's worthy of another shot.

Why? Love the Comic Book connections and also I have sentimental reasons for wanting this one to work out well.

Day One' (NBC)Premise: After a global catastrophe, a group of survivors (including Carly Pope, Xander Berkeley and Julie Gonzalo) tries to figure what happened and rebuild civilization.

Why we'd like to see it: It's the kind of high-concept, mystery-laden show that we tend to fall for -- and that has a rough time surviving on network television. It's probably a little masochistic, but we can't help ourselves.

Why? Okay every Jericho fan will want to shoot me in the face with a bazooka, but the entire reason I was drawn to Jericho at first was the premise of being left after a disaster, what would happen to the people? Well, I will be watching this one for the same reasons, who knows maybe NBC will do it right and let this one have a chance?

Good choices by Zap2it, this is why I am reading them more and more. I like the way they think.


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