30 April 2009

Would you love to ride a roller coaster shaped like a manta?

Want to win a pass to Seaworld to see a new ride they have coming out? The ride is called Manta and its a roller coaster that has you laying prone on the underbelly of the beast coaster, going 56 mph!!!
If that is something you totally long for, then go to the website and do the following steps:

Sign up for the Manta site, takes two seconds. then do the 6 activities which are really easy. You need to at least complete two of the activities and you will win a photo, 6 wins get you a Front line pass to Seaworld.

1. Take a photo showing I heart Manta and upload to your flickr account ( don't worry if you have none of these accounts they talk abotu, they give you options to join right in these steps and signing up for both flickr and twitter are super easy -  I belong to both so I know)

2. Take a quiz about manta ( which you can take only 3x but if you pass you are on the way to getting a front line pass to seaworld.

3. Choose three friends and share a code with them, email them the invite and if they come to the website and register you can add this as one of the two completed areas you need to win a prize. So check on that part :-)

4 Make a youtube video and submit from the website options. Show us how you feel about the new ride , we love to see these types of videos because it gets us excited too!

5. Download a template at the website for making a manta mask, decorate it anyway you wish, DO IT UP! Then share you mask creation in photos that are uploaded to the websites flickr account or your own account.

6. Follow Manta on Twitter and then tweet him up.Check!!!!

You can go to RideTheFlyingRay.com and register as well, then just do the same six items I wrote about and you may win a pass too! I really can not wait to see this park and ride, kids will love it.



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