02 April 2009

Lost Recap ~ Whatever Happened, Happened (Ep.11)

April 2 2009


Whatever Happened, Happened ~ Ep. 11

Sayid shot Ben :-( I think it was so that Ben would end up with the Hostiles, but I am so LOST!

And Jin finding Sayid in the forest was fortuitous, but now he thinks Sayid is a bad person. And how behind the times am I? Sawyer has a daughter? Watching this show is like trying to unravel a knitted blanket without cutting any strands! At least Hurley stumped Miles when Miles was trying to explain why the events of their present could not effect the events of the past or the future (huh?). Was JJ Abrams visited by Aliens when he was young or something, between LOST and Cloverfield he has just floored me with the originality he produces, rare for Hollywood these days.

I at least get the reasons ( ?) why Ben's dad Roger was so tough on him ( again? slamming the kid into the cage bars, more than tough but...) Ben's father told Kate his mother died when she gave birth to Ben and he has been trying to raise Ben on his own. Why would Jack of all people not want to help a child who was dieing, even if it was Ben? I have always thought Jack was a bit out of touch, that made me see him more as more unstable. But Sayid... now he has me confused. Jack said that maybe the island was trying to fix things in the cosmic strands of time itself, I know already that the island is not a physical entity; that there is someone behind all the time moves and such.

Sawyer's wife Cassidy seemed none to happy to hear Sawyer was still alive in Kate's flashback and then again later when she I loved that Sawyer and Kate took Ben to the others, makes me believe that Sawyer has not been totally swayed yet. Hurley is so awesome, my all time favorite living LOST character ( my all time fav of course was Charlie ) Hurley has charm and intense smarts and I love him to pieces. Just look at that face ;-p

And Hurley thinking he was going to go through what Marty McFly went through in Back to the Future, and disappear when the historical facts of life changed by Ben being shot, priceless. I think that the writers for this show are insane and do a smashing job.

I loved that Kate went to Aarons Grandmother told her about her grandson, asking her to take care of him while Kate went back to the Island to save Claire. That was a shock to Claire's Mom but what a gift Kate gave her. Question, where did Claire go and why? I missed that episode.

Bottom line is I will be spending a ton of time at the LOST site to catch up on all the seasons starting with Season 1. This may take me a while but it will be worth it.

There is a ton of fun stuff to see, do and even buy on the LOST website at ABC, I want to get a Dharma Tee. I also took the Sawyer name generator game and my name Sawyer gave me was Genghis..... whew it could have been worse.

BIG surprise at the end...... Ben as an adult wakes up and sitting next to him is none other than Locke!


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