21 March 2009

Dollhouse Recap - Man on the Street

Okay.... last nights episode totally fell in line with what I as a Whedon fan expected , twists ( did you know it would be Mellie as a sleeper doll? I did not see that coming :-) and awesome story lines. Now we get our meat and that is what I loved about all the other Whedon work.

I have to admit right now that I was hoping to see some strains of Faith in Echo, and that is not fair to Eliza but now I can say that I love Echo far more as a character. Echo is too multidimensional to fit into the Faith box. But I do see faint strains of Faith in Echo and that is only due to Echos deep strength and smarts.

I loved that DeWitt finally showed her true colors, because as I see it she is the insider. Someone had figured out how to wipe Echo in Gray Hour via that phone, well... last night DeWitt calls Mellie and sets her off. One and one are two.

I did not like DeWitt and see her as the Dr. Evil of the whole party, I could be wrong but I do adore Olivia Williams in that part, she is so deliciously evil. Glad to see Hearn get duped the way he did but that was easy to see coming.

Now.. lets discuss Mellie. Here she is each week waiting for Paul (Tahmoh Penikett) to wake up and see she is in love with him but each week he was too obsessed with finding Caroline by the way... nice 'grab' Mellie that is how you drop a bad man. I am guessing that DeWitt wont pull Mellie for some time because it seems she likes playing with Paul. And speaking of poor Paul, on suspension from the FBI won't stop him from his investigation but how long before he figures out Mellie is a doll?

Now what are the fans saying? Over at the fan forums on FOX the fans are alive with discussion threads. The fan forum at FOX is as alive with discussions and ideas as the Jericho Forums were which makes me feel right at home so I joined today. I hope to find the same fun there as with Jericho. I also liked that it is Wetpaint so I can use my same screen name as I did with Jericho.

Zap2it's Ryan McGee gave an awesome recap of last nights show:

And there, folks, was the first truly great episode of “Dollhouse.” No doubt about it. The kind of episode we’ve wanted all along, often in ways we couldn't’t have possibly predicted. More than anything, above the dense mythology, overt active abuse, and new revelations, the episode set to ask a very simple question: what if there was a Dollhouse in our own reality? Or rather, what if our own reality in fact created a Dollhouse?

He makes some solid points, and I will be reading his recaps each week to see how he does. Plus he is pretty funny.

There are so many plot twists and character twists that this show could go on for years and I am one happy Whedon and Dushku fan. Fridays matter again :-)

You can check out the episode guide here.


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