05 February 2009

Watch out.... bad post ahead

I am just going to throw this out to you and if it scares you off or makes you mad, sorry but I am 100 % ticked off.

Quite a few times in the last few years people ( I use that term loosely) have driven by my home and dropped off animals. Up till now it has been cats , which is a whole nother post trust me) and cats can live outside. Cat food while not expensive is not altogether cheap either, if that makes sense.

Today, some jackass drove to my house, stopped............ and dropped off six puppies all aged approximately 8 weeks. I think they are Pit Bull or Pit cross, I am not a breeder so I can not be totally sure but they sure are as cute as can be. Here is the first problem, I like cats; like them a lot but I do not get so attached to them ( 18,17,16 and 13 however think the sun rises and sets on them). Dogs on the other hand, especially puppies make my heart come unglued. I can not help it, there is the puppy breath and the cute little eyes like buttons. You get the picture.

I am so confused as to how anyone in the human species can simply drive to someones home and then drop outside in the 20* weather on an icy country road a bunch of baby puppies, for gods sake its like dropping off babies.

If I wanted to totally lose all my readers I would show you all my extensive knowledge of dock speak, and I can make sailors blush so it would be rousing to say the least, but I am not into upsetting my readers or living in regret for a drunk like post later.

If I had been able to catch this person(s) I have no idea what I would have done to them, but I can imagine it involving screaming and maybe a tiny bit of mayhem.
Here is the photo of the darlings, I sure hope I can find them homes and soon.


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