01 January 2009

Surfer girl in the making here......

Surfer Girl in Silhouette, standing with her surf board while totally mesmerized by the golden sunset
Originally uploaded by mikebaird

What I would not do to be right where this girl is, right now. While I lived in CA for many years the one thing I never did was surf. Oh I went to the beach, hung out each summer like any good Cali girl did, the sun was to be enjoyed back then not run away from. I would watch the other kids surf and it sure looked like fun but while I am a strong swimmer who actually grew up on the water of the Atlantic ocean as a kid I was not able to get my inner scaredy cat on to a board. Chock it up to Jaws.

Now I am older. I am not less afraid Jaws will get me, I just don't really care as much about whether it will happen. I would give any shark who felt the need to taste me a whopping case of indigestion.

I think about the freedom you have skimming across the water as a surfer. One of my Professors once told us that the greatest power in the wave was right where the water curl met the surface of the ocean, that it was the nirvana of surfing. I want to know if that is true and what it feels like to be in that place of power. One day I will get back to Santa Cruz and when I do I will rent a board, find myself a willing teacher and I will go out for the ride of my life. I will become one with the ocean I love so much.

This hobby is not inexpensive, boards cost. And you just can not jump on a board and become the big Kahuna without a bit of learning first. I have no clue what the different parts of a surfboard are or what they are for. For instance, surfboard fins are for directional stability and also are determined by what you want to do with your board, have fun or do tricks. Least I hope that is correct, I am sure some surfer will come and correct me.

And apparently you can have more than one fin, again determined by what board you have. At TheSurfboardwarehouse.com you have an extensive selection to choose from , all with wicked sounding names and sick color schemes. You know I love color :-) If I was to have a board, and were I not allowed to paint it black and yellow for my favorite Rock station ever ( 98.5 KOME) I would probably have it done up in a all black with a melded color scheme from light to dark blues, iridescent. So I went to see what they had that fit that bill.

My board for sure would not be a trick board but one wide and safe feeling, so my fin would need to be for that job, simple safety and stabilizing so I do not end up in the drink each time I went out. And I did find one that my untrained eye thinks would work, the Future Fins Vector 2 Quad, all done up in awesome yellow! And it states it is for the "heavier" surfer.... me.

Seems like for the professional and well trained surfer that Surfboardwarehouse has all the items needed for surfing and at good prices. And check this out, they do custom boards, so my vision , my future board will be coming alive one day!

One day peeps, you will catch me surfing into the sunset out at Davenport, you wait and see!


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