07 January 2009


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Did you know you can come to the end of yourself? I did not know it was possible, but you actually can. I mean, you can come to the end of desires, dreams and silly foolish things that should never have been in your life to begin with,

I love the fantasy genre, books especially and I always have. I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings , and until recently loved the great tear jerker movies like Steel Magnolia. I have always been a romantic at heart, and that was my down fall.

I had two choices in my early life, take a road where I would be okay and life would be good, not great but good; or take the road where I would have to fall down a million times each time not getting quite back to where I once was.

I never even saw my two choices, believe me for it is true. I do not know why i was not thinking of the future, of what would become my life. I went to school, had life experiences most will never have........ and yet I never once made a right choice.

I hope that anyone who reads here and is at that young age where your future still seems to be spread out before you takes my words to heart. Please, please think of each and every single choice you make.

Never think that when trouble comes that there will be some Knight in Shining armor to save you. He may want to be that knight but a person can only do what he or she can do. No one will be able to save you except you.

Study hard in school, dream to be something. I know that the years are seemingly so far ahead of you in some huge amount, but the years come so fast. I am sure someone some where tried to tell this to me, being the dumba** I am, I would bet a million dollars I never even attempted to listen to them.

Your life is ONLY what you want it to be and what YOU make it. It is only you who can make you happy.

I pray someone out there hears me. Please do not end your life living in regret, it is a very lonely place to be. Choose your roads carefully.


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