31 January 2009

Ice Storm Part 2`

Note - all photographs in this post are property of me, so please do not copy and paste any where else with prior permissions, all are copyright as my own work.

The ice storm we have just been through has proven to be the worst thing I have ever experienced since moving here over 15 years ago. I thought to post some photos and thoughts I have for historical sake and for anyone who reads here who might have family in the region.

I was hoping to shop so we headed north and I was simply awestruck by the damage I saw there.

There were trees as big around as a small car blown over, root ball and all out of the ground, hanging on the electric lines. There were trees coming down the rock walls we have on each side of the highway, and on I75 the tree tops were all taken off as if a giant had come along and run his hands across them.
** above photo is of I75 North past Berea heading to Richmond **

The most striking to me at first was that we rounded a small hill and went from no ice at all to the entire world being coated in a grayish color.
** this is 25 North at the Madison County line **

The above photo is of a tree in front of a home in Richmond near I75 and this was the norm of what I saw. We got there a bit after 3 pm and they had just begun getting power to that part of town. EKU is housing folks who have no power from around the county ( at the time of printing the Lex Herald Leader stated that there were still 27, 000+ still in Madison County without power )

To get the clear view of how much ice built up , check this photo of a small cherry or crab apple tree that was at a gas station -
I am guessing that is well over 1.5 inches of ice and while I do recall a ice storm we had on Long Island when I was about 9 or so ( 1972 or so) that forced us to live in our cellar and cook our food on Sterno I can not say I have ever seen anything like this.

I hope this coming storm stays well away from this state because honestly we can not deal with anything more right now. Our Gov has actually called out every National Guard Unit we have, its the largest call this state has ever had. But we Kentuckians are strong and we will for sure survive this storm in fine style.


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